According to reports, a few lucky people have already started receiving their pre-ordered Verizon iPhones, which should officially be available to the rest of the US this coming Friday.

Ahead of the official Verizon launch date, the Chronic Dev Team has updated GreenPois0n to jailbreak iOS 4.2.6. We now have a proof that the jailbreak was successful as this picture was released earlier today…

Unless this picture was Photoshopped, it clearly shows it is indeed a Verizon iPhone (see the black bar connecting the antennas) running Cydia.

The newest version of the jailbreak, GreenPois0n RC5 b4 can be downloaded from our downloads section. The jailbreak guide remains the same.

  • Nutsjob

    Can someone explain to me how do they go from 4.2.1. To 4.2.6 ? I’m sure there’s a reason why, I just wanted to know why is that. 🙁 educated question?

    • Aza

      lol…Only if you have verizon iphone

    • DK

      Vz iPhone started on 4.2.5. They updated it from that to 4.2.6. All “relevant” devices ie 3rd gen+ (3GS+) will probably be updated to 4.3 all together. Hope that helped.

  • Vitaliy

    they added tethering, plus its on a new carrier, dont think 4.2.1 would support cdma

  • manuel

    so I’m assuming that this is a untethered right?

  • EgoHot

    I’m even more tempted to switch from AT&T to Verizon

  • Amoeba

    photohopped or fakecarrier app.

  • Makeitmine can be downloaded from cydia, allows you to change carrier logo to whatever you want..
    I’d be a sceptic

  • Dustman20

    I wish it were true but it’s photoshoped. Look at the bottom of the iphOne screen and it says iPhone3,3 when it’s not. It’s a 4 so it would show something like iPhone4,4

    • Anon

      You’re fucking stupid

  • Zeke

    All you guys are idiots

    The iPhone 2G was the first iPhone, thus the ipsw being named “iPhone1,1”
    The iPhone 3G was the Second iPhone, but it only had a minor update in it “which was it added 3G , thus the ipsw being named “iPhone1,2

    The iPhone 3Gs was the first “real” upgrade to the iPhone, thus the ipsw being name “iPhone2,1

    The iPhone 4 was also a major upgrade, thus the ipsw being named “iPhone3,1

    A revised version of the iPhone 4 “which fix the reception issue” was named “iPhone3,2

    Another revision of the iPhone 4 “which adds Verizon as a network” is iPhone3,3

    you guys are idiot, dont post unless you actually have some brains

    • DK

      I know I’m not an idiot, but everyone has their opinions. You are correct. The Verizon iPhone is 3,3 not 4,4. The iPhone 5 or whatever probably will be the 4,1. Etc. This might be photoshopped, but I hope not. The dev team works hard to jailbreak but is not as fast at geohot because they test their jailbreaks more. We probably won’t be getting an unlock till 4.3 so don’t ask if there is an unlock. Thank you.

  • Noxx06

    Not a lie.. Had mine jb 15mins after it arrived.

  • TJ

    I’ve done exactly what it says to do still my jailbreak isn’t working my itunes is up to date as well all my software is 4.2.10 I have a verizon iPhone4 and everytime I do it, it says that I must restore my phone to use it with itunes there is never a home screen only a connect to itunes screen what do I do