With the imminent Verizon iPhone announcement, what better way to pass the time than seeing what you would actually be gaining with a Verizon iPhone. People want better cellular coverage, data reliability and overall speed. AT&T hasn’t built a very good reputation over its last 3+ years of exclusivity with the iPhone.

The general consensus in the U.S. is that a Verizon iPhone would probably make the revolutionary smartphone a much more dependable cellphone. Less dropped calls and 3G dead-zones would be a warm welcome to those plagued by AT&T sluggishness in heavily populated areas.

Recently, there was a slew of ad campaigns from AT&T and Verizon that were all about “coverage maps.” The goal of the ads were to convince the consumer that either Verizon or AT&T had better overall coverage. Thanks to a nifty iPhone app, you can see for yourself…

Coverage is a simple iPhone app that allows you to view AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile’s 2G, 3G and roaming coverage in the U.S.A. The app’s tagline is, “Bask in the joys of mobile bandwidth while avoiding the sorrows of roaming usage caps and absent signal.

The app’s interface is just a map with 4 toggles for each carrier. There are also three options to switch between roaming coverage, 2G coverage (EDGE) and 3G coverage.

Coverage also allows you to view Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. It’s kind of cool to see how overwhelmingly red it gets when you switch the Verizon toggle on. This map does not reflect speeds for areas of coverage, simply that an area is covered.

Coverage for iPhone is $1.99 in the App Store. It’s kind of a gimmick, but fun nonetheless.

Are you excited for the Verizon iPhone? Will you be switching from AT&T?

  • Dirk

    $2 is too much. Might be worth a look for $1

  • i find this map a bit too slanted and skewed. I know people in the SW part of the US with ATT, and theyre fine. This map makes it look like its dead EVERYWHERE

    • Jukem

      Yeah this app seems a bit skewed. I’ve seen people with Verizon could not get service while I could. Plus verizon is still using old technology which gives them more coverage. I’ve had just as much drop calls and even worse data speeds and coverage with verizon. If i were people thinking of going to Verizon I would wair.

      • soccerkrzy

        It’s a marketing skew. Just like those coverage maps Verizon would have a couple years ago. The AT&T is showing where they 3.5G (3G+) while Verizon’s is including all of their voice plus data which they’ve marketed as “3G” even when it’s not.

        This is the same deal with “4G”, there is no such thing yet and it won’t be truly 4G for a decade. T-Mobile claims to have 4G; however, AT&T HSDPA (3G+) is just as fast if not faster than the 4G.

  • Burge

    And you need to be on 4.2 for this app

  • DomPerignon

    Yes; as soon as my att contract expires I’ll switch to Verizon

  • J dubular

    i wont be switching because i still have the unlimited plan on AT&T but i might get a verizon iphone for my wifey

  • monkers

    Don’t care tbh, live in the UK lol


    I have the unlimited data on my plan and with my jail broken phone I can do anything I want with my phone the only way would be not being able to get new Iphone from AT&t