Pull To Refresh Safari is the latest jailbreak tweak to appear on the scene that adds Twitter App like refresh functionality to a stock iPhone app; in this case Safari. Not too long ago, Pull To Refresh Mail was released, which added the same unique refreshing capability to the stock Mail app.

Personally, I’m all for tweaks like this; it feels like a native part of the iPhone’s interface, while at the same time modernizes apps that haven’t changed much since they first debuted…

This is one of the reasons why I love jailbreaking so much; it’s the small tweaks and adjustments that make for a better experience. Obviously a tweak like Pull To Refresh Safari is far from a necessity, but it adds a certain amount of flavor to the browser’s aging underbelly.

Being that this is nothing more than a small tweak, you’ll get no extra settings or app icons; just download and install from Cydia, and off you go.

Once the tweak has been installed, fire up Safari and slide the page down until you see the refresh dialogue. From there, if you release your finger, the page will refresh just like a normal tap of the refresh button.

Pull To Refresh Safari is a free tweak that’s avaialble to iPhone owners using jailbroken iPhones.

Do you plan on giving it a spin?

  • SpunkyMonkey

    I just downloaded and installed both! Nice tweak.

  • Z

    That was quick! Right on.

  • QuarterSwede

    I find the Mail tweak useless as it refreshes as soon as you launch the app. This one for Safari however is beautiful!

  • Pulls

    installed on iPad and works perfectly. Nice!

  • Douglas

    Installed it on my iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1, and it isn’t booting anymore… trying to deactivate jailbreak with redsnow… nothing ’till now
    Need some help!

    • What is happening? Is it just cycling?

      • Douglas

        Just stuck at Apple logo…
        I can enter DFU mode, but it keep stucking at Apple logo after reboot
        Someone said in the forum to try to restore it with iTunes, will I lose everything doing this?

    • By “lose everything,” I’m assuming you mean all of your music, etc? Or are you talking about your jailbreak settings and apps? It depends on whether or not you backed those up by their respective methods. Tell us more about what you are referring to exactly. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced this, unfortunately it’s probably happened to us all at least once.

      • Douglas

        I mean apps, data, etc…
        My iTunes is set to backup every time I plug in, so I think I may have the backup…
        Anyway, I will try to restore it. Thanks!

  • six4seven

    I don’t know what repo I’m missing but I can’t find this tweak in a Cydia search?? This same thing happened with Plug to launch app.

    Can anyone advise?

    • xh

      You should be available to get it from Big Boss repo (standard/default repo source)
      but in any case you can get it from blackfacility repo also:

      * Add this cydia source : http://www.blackfacility.com/cydia or BigBoss Repo
      * Search for Pull To Refresh for Safari
      * Install

      • six4seven

        Thanks xh!!! you the man, or woman!?

  • Ai

    Douglas, I think your 3GS is a new version of the 3GS which was jailbroken with the tethered method. Everytime you reboot the phone, which is what likely happened after you installed the tweak, the phone will be stuck there. Try running redsnow again but choose the option “just reboot tethered”
    I don’t remember exactly the wording. But it’s
    Should be very close to ” just reboot tethered” Then follow the instruction. The phone should be working again. Good luck

    • Douglas

      Hi.. I tryied it, but it stucks at pineapple logo.
      I restored it with iTunes, then restored my backup, everything working fine now..
      I will just reinstall jailbreak apps.

  • teresa

    cool 🙂 i like this!

  • Dgxgx

    Fuck the police cOming straight from the underground

  • DomPerignon

    Very cool app!

  • This tweak is long overdue. Extremely useful and highly appreciated. Merry Xmas all.

  • This tweak is long overdue. Extremely useful and highly appreciated. Merry Xmas all.

  • Lala

    Does anyone know if this works on modem firmware 02.10.04? I’m using iPhone 4g (32gb) on iOS 4.1.

  • is there anyway to get this on mac?