I think it’s safe to say that mostly everyone uses My3G or 3G Unrestrictor to bypass Apple’s silly 20MB App Store download limit over 3G. But you might just want to take Apple’s advice when it comes to Riven, the 90’s-era sequel to the popular PC game, Myst.

That’s because Riven maxes out at a whopping 1 gigabyte. That’s right, an App Store App 1 gigabyte in size. Some of you might be hesitant to download that over Wifi, let alone 3G…

Right out of the gate, before you can even read a description of the game, the developers have this to say:


And even if you do manage to download the game, you’ll have to wait an additional 15 minutes or so before it finishes installing.

The developers say that Riven is the biggest app that they know of, but right off the bat I can certainly think of a bigger app download — NAVIGON MobileNavigator Europe. You thought 1 gigabyte was big? Try 1.8 gigabyte on for size.

Regardless, it’s probably not a good idea to download either over 3G, especially if you’re not on an unlimited data plan. What do you think? Should there be a limit to App Store App size, or are you okay with whatever developers decide to do?

Riven can be downloaded from the App Store for $5.99.


  • Tony

    I downloaded the tom-tom gps app and it was about 1.4 gig I think. Ty unlimited 3G plan 🙂

  • soccerkrzy

    If it wasn’t $6 I’d do it just because I can ;). The TomTom apps are all over a GB as well.

  • I say, there should be a way we can download it to our DESKTOP, like other “lesser legit” methods allow us to do. ANything over 10 megs,i prefer to dl to my desktop. Just a personal preference, unless im mobile and see something REAL cool.

    • Lucas K.

      You can… download it on iTunes and it’ll put it in the Applications tab for you, then sync your phone…

  • Lucas K.

    Yeah all the nav apps are 1gb+

  • i meant independent of itunes, lol. Like Apptrackr and such places.

  • appetiser

    1.86Gb for TomTom western europe which I downloaded over wifi… one time I wished for the N speed of the iPh4 compared to the G rated 3GS 🙂

  • Reytube


  • Z

    Most of the gps apps are so large because they download maps onto your phone. I believe, when it comes to gps apps, they should all work off of stock Maps app.

    Besides that, with a faster processor, more RAM and better graphics, the apps like games are all getting larger and larger in size.

    Overall, I honestly believe that next gen iPhone’s HD will be as small as 32gb and up.

  • Wer2Go

    Whats the best TomTom/Gps turn by turn app.?

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Big whop. Like everyone already stated, TomTom is a big ass app too.

    Slow news day over at the iDB news office eh, Jeff?

  • Ken


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  • GorgonPhone

    i hate RPGs… so i will pass on this..