Delta Airlines, the world’s largest airline, has been making great strides to stay relevant and continue providing helpful services to its customers. They have the largest fleet of WiFi-enabled planes, and they are now the first airline to start rolling out official charging stations in their airport terminals.

The technological traveler is always worrying about the state of their device’s battery life before they board for a long plane trip. iPhones haven’t exactly been known for their outstanding battery life.

Normally, one would have to scour the far corners of an airport gate to try to find an open outlet to get a last minute charge. Last week, Delta Airlines started installing charging stations for all kinds of devices in the gates of 19 major American airports…

According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, each charging station has six 110 volt outlets and two USB ports. That means you’ll be able to plug your iPhone straight in for a charge with the Apple USB cable.

In addition to these public charging stations, Delta is installing charging pads for phones and other small devices in their Sky Club lounges. That means frequent flyers will have the easy luxury of a quick charge while they enjoy their drink.

These charging station installs are part of Delta’s 2 billion dollar program to update their airport facilities and gates. The best news is that these charging stations will be totally free of charge.

Delta is doing a lot of things right. I had the privilege of using their iPhone app on a recent trip, and it is by far the best airline app I’ve seen.

The official Fly Delta iPhone app makes your trip with Delta a breeze. If you are a frequent Delta flyer, you simply log-in with your account information and your itinerary can be managed and followed in detail throughout your trip. If all you have is your confirmation number, you simply have to enter it and your flight details are pulled up for you in full.

You can check in the night before (or the morning of) your trip straight from the app. That means you get to skip the check-in line at the actual airport.

All of your departure and arrival information is available for quick reference. There’s even a detailed explanation of your trip with a map of the distance you will be covering. There is also a GPS parking feature so that you don’t have to remember where you parked in the jungle that is an airport parking lot.

While using the Fly Delta app on my last trip, I honestly felt like I had the upper hand over all of my fellow travelers. I didn’t have to carry around slips of paper with me. I always knew what gate I needed to be at and what the plane’s estimated time of arrival was.

I highly recommend flying Delta on your next flight. If you do, make sure to do it with the Fly Delta iPhone app. Pick it up for free in the App Store.

What are your experiences flying Delta? Will you be flying Delta on your next flight?

  • Justin

    When I plug in my phone to a computer, a little box pops up and I am able to look at the pictures on my phone. Maybe I’m just a little paranoid, but let’s say I plug in to the USB at a Delta charging station, how would I know if someone is viewing my phone? Maybe the workers at the counter snickering and pointing at me because of the goofy pictures of my cat would be a good indication.

    • Shrike1978

      Yea, that’s paranoid. These things are just charge ports.

  • Dan

    How about free wifi in planes and all airport.

  • Ed

    I travel frequently and always fly Delta. I’ve used Delta’s frequently since it was introduced. I agree, it’s very slick. Not many airports are equipped to use the electronic boarding pass yet, which means that you still have to print a boarding pass even if you you the app to check-in. I’m sure that will change with time. The only think I don’t like about the app is it seems quite slow. Maybe that’s more a function of the data connection than the app itself.

    • Ed

      Thing, not think! Always good to proofread before submitting a comment.

  • I travel A LOT both domestically and internationally. Delta is one of the worth airlines I’ve seen, even though I have to admit it’s getting a little better. The only times I fly Delta now is to go to Los Angeles where I can hop on an Air France flight. They might have the best app in the whole world, but as long as their fleet will be outdated and their staff unfriendly, I won’t mind paying an extra hundred bucks or so to fly an airline that doesn’t make me feel unwanted.

    • Z

      I thought you were from the area, Seb. I’m surprised to see you fly domestic flights to LAX. Are you SoCal or NoCal? lol that just sounds funny…

  • That’s interesting, Sebastien. While I am not a frequent flyer by any stretch, I have flown Delta several times (only domestically) and have never had a problem.
    That’s why I wanted to stay away from saying that Delta is an “awesome airline” in the article and focus on the efforts they’re making and their iPhone app (which is awesome).

    I guess Delta has a bad reputation. They seem to be like the AT&T of airlines.

  • brent

    I am a frequent flyer, and Delta sucks. The charging stations will be nice.

  • Z

    “Delta Airlines, the world’s largest airline” – is it really?

  • Jason masters

    I agree delta sucks as does southwest and all the little carriers like ata and such. My nest experiences were with American and lufthansa the Germans really go all out to take care of you.