We talked about a few jailbreak apps this week and we thought it’d be a good thing to do some kind of round up of those apps.

If you missed any of our articles about them, here is your chance to catch up…

  • SBRotator adds landscape mode to your iPhone home screen
  • GraviBoard adds gravity to your iPhone (definitely worth a look)
  • ListLauncher makes it easier to launch apps from Spotlight
  • CustomBadges allows you to customize your badges
  • AskToSend helps you avoid embarrassing messaging moments
  • StayOpened lets you download App Store apps in the background while shopping
  • burge

    there is one more to buy while its on sale……WI-FI SYNC IS IS ONLY $2.99 UNTILL MIDNIGHT SATURDAY,

    • martin

      apt.macosvil… xsellize… iphoneame… FREE REPOS ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Burge

        Oh you are so quick …I was like you take take take, but when there is a app that is worth having it’s better to buy it than pinch it.. Plus you get the updates that work first time ! And it not like $2.99 is alot …
        And just so you know I’ve put a list on this site of 15 hacked repo sites .. So before you reply to me you should do you homework on who you are talking to…ok

    • I mentioned this on Twitter. I didn’t think it was worth a post about it. We rarely, if ever, post about discounted apps.

    • martin

      You think you are so clever, commenting at this site every day at every hour… get a life man ๐Ÿ™‚

      PS: “before you reply to me you should do you homework on who you are talking to” OMFG what an arrogant! who d you think you are? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Burge

        Better than you because I dont rip people off …you nob jockey

    • Burge , seems like you got some haters here dude, sup with that ?

    • Thisdood

      Psh, Try before you buy, thats my motto…

    • alpesh

      Hey all.
      After installing Mxtube from cydia. In background data usaging is continueing. I have uninstall/ remove this app but my data plan is continue used and battery heavily drains!!!!!!!
      Please helpme out of this!!!!

      • Z

        @Alpesh You should post your question in the forum. However, I doubt your problem is with MxTube. You should check former articles regarding battery/data drain that have to do with hactivation

      • Z

        P.S.: try YourTube 2 instead of MxTube

  • SBRotator is pretty sweet, I like that the transitions are similar to the iPad. And it has a lot of options to work with as well. The rest of the apps on the list are awesome too, especially ListLauncher. Good stuff!

  • Adam Parsons

    WiFi Sync is not compatible with iTunes 10.1!

    • Burge

      Yes it does ..i use iTunes 10.1

      • Adam Parsons

        OK, will investigate further. Thanks for the info!

  • Aaron Hickman

    I like Barrel!

    • Barrel rock , just curl and roll guys , just curl and roll !!!

  • John

    Rotator is one of the reasons to JB. Only conflict is with Infiniti folders, you can only use one or the other. Hopefully this is fixed in a future update.

    • Z

      I think rotator works great with FolderEnhancer. That should solve your problem

  • Marcoarrossi

    I go pn IDB basically for cydia apps/tweaks.
    So this is good

  • Shahzad

    I got sbrotator. But honestly it didn’t improve my iPhone experience. All it really did was rotate the home screen with layout issues. I was really hoping it would work with all the apps etc. I used it for a few days and got annoyed by it and then disabled it.

  • Ken

    Like the graviboard update adds gravity/antigravity to the icons themselves..

  • Hugo

    Unlock for iPhone 4????????????

  • Ricardodelsidney

    WI-FI SYNC is $9.99, and the time is 9:24 PM Saturday EST.

    What’s up with that?

  • Naomi

    It looks like soon all apps in cydia will be payed ones. More and more are coming every day! So I guess the jailbreak community is becoming a business. That’s nasty.

  • GorgonPhone

    yeh well i am happy my 3gs is tricked out like a 96 civic hatch fro fast and the furious..lol it does everything with extra ram and speed boost all thanks to cydia.. yay

  • Lambboyaz

    How to get unlimited data on iPhone 4
    Well if your like me a “power user” 2 gigs just doesen’t cut it.
    I use more like 10 gigs a month this is how to trick at&t computers into giving you
    Unlimited data.

    Things you will need

    #1 iPhone 4 of cores
    #2 Frist generation iPhone
    #3 sim adapter you can get one on craigslist for like 5 bucks
    #4 pc with iTunes

    And hear we go

    First take your microsim out of your iPhone 4
    Put it in the sim adapter and then put it in the iPhone 2g and then connect the iPhone 2g to iTunes it will say this iPhone requires a unlimited data plan fallo the on screen instructions And that’s it
    Posted by lambboyaz

  • Bradibiza

    When I installed iTunes 10.1 it told me that it was incompatible with wi-fi sync. And I wouldn’t be able to sync my device via USB. I haven’t checked if there is a fix yet. But as I have not recieved any updates I predict not.