5-Row Keyboard is a new jailbreak tweak that does just what the name describes: enables a larger, 5-row keyboard in iOS. All of the numeric keys are added to a top row of the iOS keyboard so that you don’t have to constantly change the keyboard layout when typing numbers.

This tweak doesn’t do much else besides what is obvious… 

The real problem with 5-Row Keyboard is that it breaks the keyboard’s ability to automatically capitalize the beginnings of sentences. For me, that’s a deal breaker; as I like to have my sentences look somewhat grammatically correct.

Another thing that bothers me about this tweak is that it acts as a WinterBoard theme. You have to apply the theme in WinterBoard once you download it, then you have to go add the keyboard in the General > Keyboard settings pane. It would be nice if it wasn’t reliant on WinterBoard.

I couldn’t really get used to having the numeric row above the normal keyboard layout, so I disabled 5-Row Keyboard pretty quickly. I have a feeling that you’ll either hate or love this type of tweak. If you’re constantly frustrated with having to change keyboard layouts to use the numeric keys, I have a feeling you will love  5-Row Keyboard. If you really couldn’t care less, it will probably annoy you.

Regardless, if this is something you’re interested in, pick up “5-Row Keyboard iOS4” for $0.99 in the Cydia Store.

What do you think about this tweak? Does it sound useful to you?

  • Joe

    It does sound useful, but like you, the broken auto-capitalization would be a dealbrealer for me. I would be much more interested if instead of the fifth row of keys, there were a tweak that added numpad functionality to iOS. I know it’s in there somewhere, because every once in a while I’ll be filling in a form or trying a new app and run into the numpad style

  • GT

    I bought it and there are a few bugs, I’m just going to use it for a week and try to get used to it. Hopefully a new rls will be out with some bug fixes 🙂

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Why the hell does this cost money? There are 3G and 3GS versions on Cydia that are free, but don’t support iOS 4. Totally ghey. What’s even more useless, in fact SO useless, is the auto-correct on the iPhone 4. So much so, that I turned it off and I’m free-styling it. Surprisingly my spelling has improved.

  • Manuel

    I for one don’t like it. I got it from xsellize before I brought it, and glad I did. When you hit any of the numbers, it auto corects them into the letter below the #. I think I’ll stay to the normal keyboard

    • Smoke

      Y not disable autocorrect in settings?

      • Whammy!

        Y disable autocorrect in settings?

  • Mitch

    Love this tweak, been waiting for something like this, bought it the day it was released, the auto-capitalization has been fixed in the v1.2 update by the way

  • Z

    Now if there was a 3 row – that would be awesome to use in landscape typing mode.

  • Lilbitbrit

    Blind type … ;(

  • Heat

    Grap the new 1.2 update, it fixes the Auto-Capitalization issue. Love this tweak 🙂

  • Wade

    Cyid FUCKiNG charges for everything!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Huh

    Does it work on iPad?

  • its junk, the keys get smaller in landscape mode and if you normal size man hands you are going to mess up much more. i spell have the words incorrect because the size change in keys

  • Brad

    It’s a good tweak, takes a while to break the habit of toggling numeric keys. All apps are avail for free, just follow the rules and buy the app if you like it. Use google. Xsellize,insaneyli,hackyouriphone,hackstor.

  • Kosesho

    do they change function with shift-key ?? it world be awesome :D:D:D

  • MusicalOne

    I deleted it from cydia. And my keyboard disappeared. 🙁 so now I’m stuck with this tweak. that I absolutely hate. the auto correct drives me crazy

  • If your keyboard vanishes when you uninstall the tweak, it’s because you need to re-enable the default keyboard in Settings. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn the regular keyboard back on.

    • Greg

      Nice one alex!

  • WRNR

    I found a modified app of this without using Winterboard, the keyboard works fine with all those settings and etc. but there is a problem when I uninstall it.

    After uninstall, when I go to Settings/General/Keyboard/International Keyboard; the keyboard type selections are there but when I select one of them, the “Keyboard Software Layout” and “Keyboard Hardware Layout” are missing. Also, I experienced fast battery drain.

    Anyone have the same problem? I am on Iphone 3G IOS 4.1. How can I get back the Keyboard Software and Hardware Layouts in the General Settings?

    The repo is cydia.myrepospace.com/jailbre4k

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lami

    Please any knowledge of the app that stop auto correction.