The guys at BoxWave know you’re dying to get a physical keyboard on your iPhone so they came up with a nifty little accessory called the Keyboard Buddy Case.

The Keyboard Buddy Case is a case for your iPhone 4 that also includes an integrated slide-out Bluetooth keyboard. Unlike the Nuu, you just have to slide the keyboard to make it appear, just like you would on one of those Android phones.

Looking at the pictures, I have to admit that this thing doesn’t look as bad as it sounds…

The form-fitting shell was designed to snap on securely to perfectly fit your iPhone, while still leaving an opening for the camera. The keyboard has an on/off button to help you manage the battery power more efficiently. Speaking of which, the Buddy can be charged via USB, and it will go for 45 days on standby. Not bad.

Currently pre-selling at $70, it will ship sometimes in December.

Is that something you’d use?


  • This looks pretty friggin’ awesome.

  • MDK

    should iphone become a thick phone ?

  • android

    y we dun just use android phone.. hahaha

  • AppleBits

    Just cuz it’s so cool looking, I just might order one. People are so crafty!

  • Mysti

    I’m buying one. I think it looks awesome!!

  • Jason masters

    Hate to admit it but this looks pretty cool and might be a good buy!

  • Tazah

    Sold!!! Can they make a mouse for iPhone too?

  • whatchasay

    Cool. I am getting one…

  • mopo

    i don’t understand people who NEED the physical keyboard 4 iphone… i’ve never felt the need, it makes ur iphone look like chineese toy, 2nd why didn’t u purchase blackberry at first place… for me this thing is smthin worth to people who dont know what exacly they want(ed)… Iphone is all about touch screen.. ALL

    • brent


      • DGizza

        me too

  • Hades

    Add knife, scissors, screw driver and cork remover too.

    • KLX

      Hahaha… The swiss iPhone xD

  • Z

    My friend lost his iPhone and this is what he said: “I’m using some shitty Samsung right now. Ewwww that thing has BUTTONS!”

    I’m happy with an integrated touch keyboard, and definitely did not choose an Android phone because of the sliding keyboard. I don’t know what would someone buy an iPhone and then turn it into a Samsung? =)

  • manu


    because sometimes you have a long thing to type, and that screen keyboard sucks. Blackberry keyboards suck as well and personally, I believe they were made for females since they hands, on average, is smaller than guy. This is better because you could remove it when you don’t want it anymore, and people will be super jealous and want to know where you got it from. Not to mention, it beats the idea of taking the keyboard away, something you can not do with an android phone.

  • manu


  • Soto187

    Looks pretty damn sexy. It’s definitely going on my Christmas list. I hate using the touch screen for typing.

  • Falk

    Having come from a HTC Touch Pro 2 to the iPhone, I’m not sure how good this keyboard actually can be. If it is well balanced and can be used to tilt the screen (doesn’t look like it) I might be tempted.

  • Gearjunke

    I’m waiting for aa Apple semi-full-sized, foldable Bluetooth wireless keyboard for typing field notes. The touchscreen iPhone keyboard is now faster than thumb typing on a mini blackberry-esque one for me, but for long emails and doc typing, a full sized keyboard would make my iPhone the portable mini computer it was meant to be! The apple wireless keyboard is just a little too bulky for me, and the foldable Bluetooth keyboards on the markets far seem to me to be are sub-par.

  • Summer Adams

    That looks preety AWEOSOME