Earlier today we told you about Apple having a big event tomorrow, which is centered around iTunes. At the time, we speculated that the event will most likely be to introduce iTunes Cloud, a service that would allow you to stream music from iTunes, anywhere you are.

Well, it looks like this is not going to happen, at least not tomorrow. According to the WSJ, Apple will announce tomorrow that they finally have the rights to the entire Beatles catalog and that it will be available on iTunes…

Clearly not as exciting as iTunes streaming, this even will still be a major milestone for both Apple and EMI:

The agreement represents a watershed in a fraught, decades-long relationship between two of the biggest icons in their respective fields. The two sides have traded lawsuits since 1978, when the Beatles alleged that the computer maker, then known as Apple Computer, infringed on the band’s trademark. That’s because the Beatles in 1968 created a wholly owned entity called Apple Corps Ltd., that acted as an arts-promotion company and owned Apple Records. Though EMI retained ownership of the Beatles recordings, the Apple logo was printed on their albums.

There are still chances that Apple will announce something else, but those chances are pretty slim. If Apple were to announce something major, they would have definitely put up an event for the occasion.

What do you think?

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  • NichBoy

    I can’t believe that is true. Apple don’t usually shut down the home page of their website, and for that to happen it would have to be something MASSIVE. Beatles are great, but after all the releases, all the collections, I don’t think people are dying for Beatles on iTunes. It’s not like you can’t find their music anywhere else.

    It has to be something bigger. Apple don’t tease, they let other people spread rumours and let it build. When they tease, it’s big time. Beatles aren’t bigger than Jesus. But streaming might be.

    • John Lennon might disagree with your last two sentences.

  • polakmartin

    Well there’s a msg on SteveJobsCeo twitter, that the upcoming secret is about memory lossless encoding in iTunes…

  • GeoCes

    i get email updates from apple insiders aka my brother’s, kid’s, neighbor’s, father knows Jim in the sales department at the apple store in my mall. What i hear is the I-phone 5 release date will be revealed tomorrow. sorry i thought we where still doing rumor mill. Hope it is something bigger than just Beatles.

  • Rob

    Chuh, What A Waste Of Time That Will Be If it Is, Then Again Apple Are Good At Getting Hype Over Nothing…

  • Kerstin

    Hands up one single person that gives a rats-arse about the Beatles. I mean, really… Anyone?

    • akag9

      That would be Steve P. Jobs. Any more questions?

  • scranton

    what about verizon iphone?

  • EmperorXavier

    i know i don’t give a shit about the Beatles.. there dead ….. where the fuck is iOS 4.2 that’s what gives a shit at the moment.

    • MikeLo


  • It sounds like a rotten Apple to me. Where is the Apple source???

  • AppleBits

    OMG. Yawn. Seriously?? This can’t be the big news….no way.

  • Jacob

    They will announce that ios 4.2 will be out. For download on iPad.

  • bc

    I would be a little surprised if the Beatles were the only news. I’m a Beatles fan, but I haven’t been waiting my whole life to purchase their music from iTunes. Maybe the Beatles announcement is the icing for a “something else” cake.

  • James

    Agreed, I like the Beatles too, but have all the albums already, and all imported into Itunes. So, not a huge deal.

  • Tom

    I’ll bet it iPhone on Sprint.

  • Just A Thought

    I don’t care if Jobs has nabbed the Beatles catalog.

    That being said, I do CARE about the Beatles music. Much more then I care about the next IOS that Jobs hand feeds the eager masses. And I say that while holding a crippled by design iPad in my hand.

    I am looking forward some of some of the features that come with the newest Jobs pablum. But I can live with the added functionality available via other means.

    Kerstin, You may not be able to see my raised hand but trust me, it is proudly held high as are the hands od many, many others. Get a little more perpective then come back and talk to us. There was a world before you were born and there will be after you are long gone.

    And EmperorXavier, I am guessing that the vast majority of the people reading these comments could not care less what your foul mouthed view is on anything. If being dead disqualifies someone from being relevent then I guess only the living are. So much for Nirvana, Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Zappa, Brahms, Cash, Ghandi, MLK, Plato, Edison, Tesla, etc., etc.

    Maybe both of you should start doing something useful with you lives.

    Maybe both of you should learn to program so you don’t have to sit around and wait for SOMEONE ELSE to provide what you so dearly desire.

    Anyone else ever notice that you don’t see the people that are actually working on the IOS exploits posting the type of garbage that the two brain surgeons mentioned earlier have provided us?

    Maybe they are listening to the Beatles while hacking the latest Jobs approved IOS?

    • “Hey Jude”

      It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog.

      “All You Need Is Love” so don`t “Cry Baby Cry” you “Can’t Buy Me Love”

      “Do You Want to Know a Secret” “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey”

      “Help!” this is “The Long and Winding Road” and “Too Much Monkey Business”

      “Here Comes the Sun” “Strawberry Fields Forever”

      • appletiser

        im guessing you have too much free time to spare 🙂

    • SillyBear

      A big <3 goes out to Just A Thought

  • William

    i think Mac app store is more likely

  • Maxipad

    If it turns out to be a Beatles release, Please Please Please fire that guy in Apple who had that bright idea!! And while your at it announce that. Now that would be a good day.

  • iApple

    I don’t think it’s about iOS,new gen iPhone or verizon, spirit support iPhone.

  • hmm . . .

  • iBuzman

    Wifi sync’ing between iDevices & iTunes… You heard it first from me 🙂

  • Jeb Lawrence

    another day that we’ll never forget = beatles collection? doubt it.

  • Kerstin

    @just a thought
    I’m *almost* ashamed of my post, and don’t mean to upset Beatles fans. I can perfectly understand their excitement at the prospect. It’s that I think it’s hardly universal.
    To be honest, if the acquisition of all Beatles rights is the news they want to stop all presses with; it sounds like nothing more than bragging and executive masturbation. A demonstration of financial clout, which is pretty offensive in my opinion.

    • Just A Thought


      I agree that the Beatles catalog is not a “stop the presses” announcement. That is unless you are Steve Jobs. He is after all an egomaniac to put it kindly.

      His relentless pursuit of said catalog demonstrates that.

      I will actually be disappointed if the announcement is the Beatles music aquisition. But corporations around the world are what they are. I suspect that if Lennon and Harrison were still around things may have be different.

      At least the Doors music is still being kept out of commercials. Cadilac piled tons of money in front of the remaining members if the band. Caddy wanted to use the song “Break On Through” for one of their commercials. At that time they turned down. Claiming that their music ment more to a whole generation then a few (really a bunch) of dollar signs.

      Sadly from what I last heard the surviving members of the Doors are ready to negotiate.

      I guess they have bills to pay and kids to put through school like everyone else.

      I hope that the announcement is more along the lines of “We fully support what the Jailbreak community has done. And we will open up the IOS so the device YOU purchased can be used to it’s fullest extent.”

      But then again, I still believe in the Easter Bunny.

  • Merci beaucoup de votre partage!

  • Julien

    When will we know what is the event??

  • Garry

    Tomorrow is just another day – last line of the novel “Gone with the wind”. Cryptic for iTunes over air? Just a thought.

  • Wago

    I think that Apple will give unlock for all devices. They understand that they can’t produce “not unlockable” OS. And, to save their face, they unlock all “I devices” by them self.

  • Byron

    Best. Blog. Ever.

  • geoces

    damn it is the beatles… bust

  • brent

    This is a day we’ll never forget? I think I already forgot. What happened today?

  • Wago

    fuuuu beatles…

  • Raj

    Shit beatles..its not exciting

  • AppleBits

    I’m soooo disappointed!! THIS is THE MOST STUPID (or stupidest?? lol) phyc-out they’ve done so far, than I can recall.
    So let’s see…by now, probably the majority of us already have all the Beatle’s CD’s, and have LOONG since burned them to our iTunes library. So what the hey? Now I need to race over to iTunes and buy their stuff all over again, cuz it’s so friggin’ cool?? UHHH…No.
    Apple has SOOOO many other options, things that would truly make a huge crowd of their supporters so happy, and THIS is all they can muster up.
    Damn, I’d even be happy with a stock split at this point. Whatever.