The developer behind BrowserChanger and Action Menu Voice is working on a new app called Safari GridTab, which basically shows your opened Safari tabs in a grid.

It looks like it’s much easier to navigate through the tabs this way. Safari GridTab is still in development but it will hopefully be released soon…

Would you use Safari GridTab?

  • Tony

    Sure I’d use it. If it was free.

  • Chris

    Like multiflow but only for safari tabs

  • Eric

    I actually like that a lot.

  • Z

    Useful for sure

  • geoces

    yeah i think i would be really cool. i already use the browserchanger and that one is fun to use. i did find it crashing on me and sending my springboard into safe mode. i had to adjust some of the settings and now it seems to work just right. happy testing 🙂

  • DomPerignon

    Looks like a very nice app. Definitely I would use it.

  • AppleBits

    I would. I think it sounds like a great little app. Convenient.

  • Oscar14A

    If it’s free then yes

  • looks like the 1 in the ipad

  • If this is just as smooth and quick as MultiFl0w, then I’ll definitely get it. Shouldn’t cost more than $.99, right? XD