What a dramatic title for this post! The reality is a little less dramatic, but still very worrying. According to an AFP article, Chinese workers who were working on an iPhone assembly line in Suzhou claim to have been poisoned by a dangerous chemical.

Apparently, these poor workers have spent over 6 months in a hospital after being exposed to n-hexane…

“At first the symptoms were pretty obvious,” one woman said of her reaction to breathing in the chemical, which was used to clean and stick logos on products. “My hands were numb. I could hardly walk or run,” she added.

According to the article, “Apple, which did not confirm that it had sourced products from factories in Suzhou, said it had strict requirements on workplace safety for all suppliers”.

  • Twited21

    They using sweat shops again lol

    • six4seven

      I don’t see how sweat shops are a laughing matter you idiot.

      • Noooo beware of jailbreakme

        Yea idiot!!!

      • ryan

        yea idiot!!!

  • riaz

    yea idiot!!!

  • That’s one of the things hurting Apple’s image the most is the fact that the factories making most of their products are Chinese sweat shops.

  • Aleksander

    Yeah!… Eh.. Ehm… Oh, iDiot!!

  • Joker3131

    For the price we pay for apple products you would think they would be made over here

  • BabylonX

    Yeah, welcome to the imperialism. Like you didn’t know that other poor people work for cents per day so as you have an iPhone. And do you know why Apple does this? Because they can. Houndreds of Americans could have a decent job because of that but NO! Steve could not make so much money from 680 euros valued iPhones then.

  • Ari

    Sheesh, I wish companies would stop outsourcing work already! Why the hell we see any reason to have products made all the way in China is beyond me. And I agree with the poster who said that for the price, you’d think they were being made over here! But nooooo, we have to be bloody high-handed and make the Chinese do all our work for us! The Chinese should protest–wait, they can’t right? Oops, I forgot, their government won’t let them, so we take advantage of people who’re being taken advantage of–the cycle continues.