As most people are aware the next generation of iPhone, iPhone 5 will arrive sometime in 2011. There are rumors already circulating the web that iPhone 5 may be released earlier in the year than previous models for folks that were mid-term in their contract when iPhone 4 was released.

The iPhone 4 released just this summer has already raised the bar by outselling any previous model in opening sales but has had its reported problems. The first one that comes to mind is the issue with the iPhone 4’s signal being hampered when the unit was held a certain way.

I personally think it was just a case of a few thousand units getting through without proper quality control inspection but whatever the issue Apple gave away free cases to resolve the issue.

Next were issues with the proximity sensor not working quite right and some iPhone 4’s dialing or hanging up when the user was already in a call. It is certain that Apple will have to address these issues in their next model as well as come up with some new “goodies” to keep the iPhone crowd happy and to stay on top of the game as the Smartphone competition gets more and more fierce with the release of Windows Mobile 7 and more Android phones hitting the market almost daily.

The big question is what will Apple include in the next incarnation of its highly successful product that will continue to “wow” the masses? Will they finally include FM radio?

Whatever they decide to do they certainly have to kick it up a few notches as the iPhone 4 was an impressive upgrade with more memory, faster processor, retina display, front facing camera with Facetime and a higher resolution back camera with LED flash.

Some rumors suggest a combination GSM/CDMA/LTE “World Phone” is that something that is long overdue?

What do you think? What would you like to see Apple come out with in its expected next iPhone model?

  • Burntnacho

    More than 6 text tones, please.

    • Burge


    • Collin

      Seriously…is that too much to ask?!

    • USMC

      iOS 4.2 update that comes out this November includes more then 10 new text tones.

    • DAvis

      I have 12

  • Burge

    Widgets / something editable for the lockscreen….weather ..missed calls. Txt. know what I mean..
    Five icon dock
    Something like. quick reply for texts
    The ability to mark all email as read
    Better bettery as usual
    Changeable battery
    Most of the Tweeks in cydia

    • Jenn

      Totally agree with you on all these points. A quick reply should be added for texts. I was just thinking about that a day ago.

    • D R

      I doubt it will have a changeable battery, after it’s for “appliance operators” not techie people haha

  • Vitaliy

    It will have 1GB RAM, 64GB flash option, 1.2GHz processor, 4G…

    • D R

      Read up… 4G is a myth… The standard for 4G is 100mbps. Current other makers only have 6 to 12mbps, that’s on a good day, with no one else on the the network and only on a couple particular devices, it’s snake oil…

      • AJ

        4g is a myth? Where do you get that idea? Maybe sprints pathetic wimaxx version barely outdoes a 3g connection, but the 4g LTE coming out for Verizon is going to be 5-12 Mbps download, 2-5 Mbps upload and have a latency of 30 ms. I would called that quite an upgrade from 3g considering it is as fast if not faster than most home internet available.

      • D R
  • Kaye

    Whatever they do a updated notification system is a MUST!

    • I agree we can get so much better and nicer notifications from Cydia, stock should be upgraded.

    • AJ

      Actually I should say it’s already available in large cities- it’s going to be everywhere they have 3g coverage soon.

  • TehKrist

    Some kind of toaster or any “app” that can make my food before I wake up.

  • John Curtis

    A TV tuner would be awesome!

    • Vjhh

      If u have FiOs there’s an for that

  • Bikinginireland

    I’m on my 3rd iPhone 4–and it’s a piece of junk –will 5 be another waste of a couple hundred dollars also?

    • Jenn

      I feel like “iPhone 5” is coming out so soon after 4, because Apple wants to hold onto their customers. When I read about all the hassle of i4, I was sure my 3GS would be my last iPhone. Hopefull i5 will save the iPhone market from caving in.

  • Bikinginireland

    Apple needs to fix the 4 model first and stop passing the buck to at&t.

    • D R

      It’s a “disposable toy” made in china from a disposable world. It get’s tossed, we don’t fix nuthin’

  • Jaclynbee

    4G network and the ability to face talk over 3G. Steam the contents of your phone to your TV without cables.

    • Petis

      Definitelly not 4G (LTE). LTE is not ready yet. In LTE you cannot do handover during voice call to 3G or 2G without long interruption. LTE will be in the beginning only for data sticks not for phones. CMDA is something that can be usefull only in US, in the rest of the world nobody wants CDMA.

    • D R

      Read up… 4G is a myth… The standard for 4G is 100mbps. Current other makers only have 6 to 12mbps, that’s on a good day, with no one else on the the network and only on a couple particular devices, it’s snake oil…

  • Emohorse


    • D R

      headsets are bluetooth

  • Svenii

    Instead of facetime just your average video call would be great so you can call people with other model phones “nokia” etc.
    Capability to share files over Bluetooth to other model phones. But those issues could be fixed on the current iPhone with an updated in FW :s

  • Svenii

    How about a screen on the back of the phone for real multi tasking 🙂

    • Ace

      Nice! Lol

  • I think it should have HDTV with Picture in a Picture

  • Robson

    Maybe some infrared, a mini projector and made bulletproof so it doesn’t brake as easy

  • Blue

    A cup holder..

    • Tony

      That’s funny! How about a CD/DVD slot?

  • Blue

    I wish they can sell that individually without getting another contract from crappy at&t service.

  • Esquivo

    5 days of autonomy on wifi, 30 days in standby! That’s all we need!

  • Dmangel

    How about a true redial? Better battery. I hope it’s out early, I’m one of those that can’t upgrade until February and I want the newest!!

    • G

      Are you seriously so lazy that it inconveniences you so much to tap the screen twice, that you need a redial button so you only have to tap it once? Oh jeez.

    • D R

      More toys, more battery power sucking, you just can’t have both! lol

  • Felix

    More user control of critical settings like Bluetooth. Infrared capability and credit card chip.

  • appleguy

    The iPhone5 the team is already working on to include several functions such as a flip visor as well as including the device in our clothing. Holographic display will be also introduced. Stay tuned!

    • Jenn

      Holographic? Hmm. That sparked a thought. The team oughta consider the 3D fad. TV’s next year will be released with 3D capabilities. And Nintendo will have a new portable device using 3D technology. The capability should be in the phone for apps and other uses.

  • Brandon

    •Friction mimicking screen (
    •glasses-free 3D (like nintendo 3DS)
    •Sony’s 16 mp camera for smartphones (
    •Better flashplayer support
    •faster connectivity

    • brent

      “•Sony’s 16 mp camera for smartphones ”

      Holy crap! Why do you need a photo that big taken with a phone? Unless you plan on regularly making huge prints from your iPhone photos, you don’t need that. It would just take up A LOT of storage space and bog down your processor. If I had to guess, I would say 99.99999999% of photos taken with phones never get printed, so you don’t need more than a couple of megapixels. But the average person is programmed to want more megapixels! More megapixels! More megapixels!

      • Brandon

        “•Sony’s 16 mp camera for smartphones ”

        You could always use more megapixels. If the technology is there, then why not? It would also work as great zoom. Imagine taking a photo at a sporting event, or at a music concert, wouldnt you want to good megapixel, so you could zoom in and crop a high quality photo?

    • D R

      If you want to take better quality pictures, get a REAL camera! duh

  • Jenn

    I would like to see a feature that everytime I turn my phone’s screen back on to unlock, I would see a different background. Maybe save 5 in a bundle and one is randomly chosen everytime.

  • whatchasay

    bigger battery!!!



  • Enarth

    “I personally think it was just a case of a few thousand units getting through without proper quality control inspection”

    Come on… i have day one iphone 4, i have antenna issues… A friend bought it 1 month ago, and guess what ? he has antenna issues… It’s just a design flaw, it happens … as a matter of fact it happens more often than we think.. i tried to lose signal with a galaxy S an xperia and it works, or to be more accurate it lose signal…

    To answer the question, i hope for a battery that last at least 15 hours of games, sbsetting directly into the OS, a new notification system and no more video formats limitation !

    • I’m not saying it’s not, but to me a design flaw would mean all of them would be affected. Mine isn’t and I have about 14-15 friends with iPhone 4s with no issues as well.

      I think it’s something that happened as a result of them rushing production to try and meet demand. I used to work in a factory years ago and basically if you crank up production to produce the items faster, things go wrong.

      • brent

        I have to agree with Enarth. Didn’t Apple even admit it was a design issue? (I don’t think they called it a flaw) Also, keep in mind that if you’re in a strong signal area the signal loss is not as dramatic, at least in my experience. Maybe you and your friends are lucky enough to live in such an area. I don’t know…

        As far as having an FM tuner. Please no. Why would you want that considering most radio stations have web streams. And lest we forget….RADIO SUCKS. (Sorry, that last part is only my opinion) Pandora, Slacker Radio, etc. are about 10,000,000 times better than standard broadcast radio. Unless of course you like listening to d-bag mp3-jays who think they are the coolest people on earth.

    • D R

      Why can’t the Iphone have a external antenna jack like Motorola has for decades?

      • Nick

        What?? MotorolaApple. Do ya think APPLE would be as successful as they are, unlike motorola if they had people proddera

  • Johnny R

    I think if they threw a projector into the iPhone 5… that would basically give the iPhone everything I’ve ever wanted in a phone

  • Jon Garrett

    I want the ability to watch live TV on my iphone. I don’t know if this needs to be done through AT&T, Apple or both.

    I would like to see some updates to certain apps., like the map for instance which to me is the most awesome app ever. I would like to be able to do a lot more with it. for example, enter a phone number that’s on my account (I have 3 phones) and see where they are on the map WITHOUT having to pay AT&T an additional $30 a month to have it on all 3 of my phones.

    better email management would be awesome as well., the way it is right now sucks @ss. same thing for text messages. there’s so much more that could be done to make this better.

    as for the hardware itself, Id like a new design, I hate current front of the iphone 4/3GS/3G. something more stylish and elegant would be nice.

    upgrade the front facing camera to 5mp and the rear facing camera to 8mp.

    ** add a SD card slot so we can upgrade our storage capacity WITHOUT having to buy a more expensive model which is insane !!

  • Ari

    Why would anyone want a quick reply feature for texts? You get a text, and you tap reply and the keyboard comes up. What’s quicker than that? But I do agree, it needs to come with more text tones. And you should be able to pick one of the ring or alarm tones as text tones, too.

  • Mike Z

    Features wishlist: Vibrate when tapping keys, Larger screen, Better clarity for voice transmission, longer battery life, Ability to print via wi-fi, be availalble before 1/1/11.

    • D R

      If the screen was any large, how would it fit in your pocket?

  • manu

    text messages delivered to all mac devices; ipad, mac os x . so you can reply and read those from those devices withot need of using your iphone (when you r in home)

  • Ari

    Why would you want it to be available before 1-4-11? The reason this antena issue came up in the first place is because Apple rushed production–and you want them to rush production again? And then they didn’t even admit to the problem when it was brought to their attention. Yes, I really like the iPhone because with Voiceover, it gives me access to features like text messaging, being able to go on the internet, and play games, etc–that I wouldn’t be able to do on other phones without having to buy a special, expensive screen reader, which consequently drives up the price of the phone; on the other hand, Apple isn’t perfect–and a company who actively tries to avoid reports of consumer complaints about cellphone reception quality loss is not exactly a shining example of being first in “customer satisfaction.”

    Also, why would anyone want it to vibrate when keys are pressed? That would drive me nuts. If this is a way to combat looking down at the keyboard when driving and texting, you shouldn’t be doing that in the first place; that’s why there’s apps out there that let you talk to your phone to text.

    And why would you want a bigger screen? The iPhone has quite a large screen already–any bigger and you might as well get an iPad.

    • AppleFreak

      What app lets you talk to text while you are driving? Thanks.

  • Siri

    The only thing that other smartphones have over the iPhone is customizability. This goes against all of apples phylosity. Apple is all about usabilty. They don’t want a learning curve. They don’t want the custamizeabilty. Because this is the easiest way to corrupt system files hence inevitably will give their os a bad reputation cuz users can’t understand that they mess it up they want my 75 year old grandma to pick up my iPhone and just know how to use it inevitably this will also be their fall u less they can figure out a way to customize ur phone while keeping the learning curve small it’s an impressive feat but they have an advantage they only have a small list of hardware to make drivers for since no one else makes phones that use their os All they need to do is make sections for all phone models in their app store or make a system store and let third party companies make the phone better they will never need to add features to their phones again just come out with more powerful phones each year this the best way to rule the smartphone world because this is the only way the android and windows 7 phones can take the lead everything that effects hardware performance should have a pop up that explains the effects on the hardware not a long lease agreement that noone reads but getthe point across so they don’t get blamed for their os sucking

  • Rob

    1. Wireless payment chip – scan your phone at payment terminals so you can pay for stuff with your phone – it’s massive in japan.

    2. At least 5mp camera with xenon flash – led is great but true night time quality shots come from the flash.

    3. Changeable text tones. I’m fed up of the car horn already.

    4. Ability to wirelessly connect to your pc and stream iTunes library on pc from iPhone

    5. Removable battery – I sell phones and this is the biggest gripe – it solves most software hic ups just by taking the battery out and re inserting battery into phone.

    6. iPhone to hdmi adapter

    7. Two camera lenses on front for 3D facetime

    8. Retina v.2 two modes, normal and 3D. Simaler principle to te 3dS screen – so instead of 940 by 600or whatever it is, two 470 x 600 to make a 3d effect image without need for glasses – if nintendo has done it, apple can! The normal mode is 920 by 600 so you can still do angry birds and such. Thanks for reading

    • Kasi

      best list of features i’ve seen on here. i agree with every one. some simple, some more advance, but all capable by Apple (:

    • D R

      How much power do you think a xenon flash will take? In a regular digital camera it zaps the battery quickly.

      Removable battery? It’s for appliance operators, not techie types! lol

      How about downsizing Itunes software it’s over 150 megs? Talk about a bulky dinasour.

      Apple also needs to get off their “better than thou right wing” attitude. They censor what you post on craigslist with that app, but it’s perfectly okay and moral to have an app which judges whether a person is ugly or good looking?

  • Deb

    A way to decline calls even when phone is locked

    • bo

      You can decline calls now when phone is locked… just hit the volumn button on the side when you receive incoming calls.

    • Jimmay

      actually you have to double-click the lock botton on the top to decline a call the volume botton only silence the call..

  • Group SMS for crying out loud… why is this so difficult…

  • theosus

    What about changing icons and backgrounds like cydia themes let you do?
    Could give ashit less about 3D, please dont put this fad in our phones.
    Ability to load new text tones would be great.

  • Silvio Renzulli

    The best thing apple can do is make the iPhone universal so it will work with any carrier!!! ATT sucks!!!!!!!

  • Sam Lin

    How about changing the sim card size back to the normal UNIVERSAL size! What da hell where they thinking by making the sim card on iPhone 4 much smaller than the rest of the sim cards out there? I travel a lot to Europe and would’ve love to use iPhone 4 unlocked so to use the standard sim cards in Europe. But now I won’t buy the iPhone 4 due to that reason only. I still have my 3g and was looking forward to buying the iPhone 4 but I changed my mind because of the sim card size issue. I know you can trim the card but that’s a freaking hassle and all other phones out there are still using the regular sim card size. So what if I decided to use other unlocked phones after trimming it??? Also, make the face to face video work on data and most important, make it compatible with other cell phones which also has face to face video.

    • WyKeD

      you can buy a sim card punch (like a hole puncher) AND it comes with 4 adapters to put the sim card back in regular slots …. all for 11.00$ US on EBAY!!!!!

  • Tone Loke

    Get rid of the 17 year old limit with apps. You can make the date of birth required to download apps and parents can monitor a Childs phone it’s time for apple to have 18+ apps like the droid. You can’t even stumbleupon adult material on an iPhone because of there stupid app filters

    • D R

      It’s their “tea party” higher than God attitude that does this.

  • Alex Huang


  • Gooney

    NO FM!! we dont need that programming designed for the mentally handicapped. Mobile DTV (OTA broadcast, no streaming fees) is more than enough. FM is seriously sh!t.

    • D R

      Wait till the tiered pricing starts for internet. Then you’ll be paying through the nose…

  • Marie

    How about a “bbm” but for iphone, i guess you’d call that an “im” LOL

    • D R

      there are im programs for free. Yahoo and AIM are two.

  • alej

    correct!!!! 3-5 MP is just right.What we need is MORE STORAGE and FASTER PROCESSOR…. also…. BBM-ish style for iphone??? we’re so many!!! I guess an iChat is quite awesome…. will break BBm for sure

  • Mahtab

    I have 3GS, and luckily I haven’t upgraded to iphone 4… can’t wait till the release of Iphone 5… these are the features i think will be appropriate for the new iphone….

    – Better Camera (more MP & better flash)… also options such as timer & night camera will come in handy as well
    – Universal Sim Card
    – Customised Ringtones and Sms Tones
    – Better Voice Recorder
    – Call Recorder
    – Something like BBM but iphone style, i’m sure it’ll get so popular as many people have iphones.
    – Bluetooth (file sharing) with other phones will be nice as well
    – Faster Processor and of course more memory.
    – Call Blocker (an option which allows you to block certain numbers from calling u)
    – Better Phonebook Options.

  • There is one option I would like to see on the next iPhone is being able to download apps over 20mb through your 3g connection or at least increase the limit to 50mb as not everybody has Wifi. Connecting to itunes to download apps over 20mb & then syncing them to your iPhone is a bit annoying at times especially if the app is just over the 20mb limit. 🙁

    I know some might say that 3g data plans have a fair usage policy & you only have so much data each month to use, but my network(Three UK) have just bought out a price plan called The One Plan as well as the mins & texts etc you get they have added a data plan without a fair usage policy called All You Can Eat Data.

    This is from the Three website:

    All-you-can-eat data on The One Plan.
    What’s the limit?
    There are no restrictions for the all-you-can-eat data that now comes with The One Plan. This means you can use your smartphone as you like – so you can download apps, browse the web, look at maps and check your emails as often as you like.

    Why is it not called unlimited data?
    Everyone else uses the word unlimited, the problem is there is often a catch – it has limits. We stopped using the word unlimited earlier this year because thought it was misleading and confusing for customers. So we’ve decided to call it all-you-can-eat data and not to use words like unlimited, limitless or unrestricted because that’s what other networks do.

    So what’s the difference between all-you-can-eat and unlimited?
    Unlimited comes with a fair use policy, which is effectively a limit, after which you’ll either get charged out of bundle rates or it means you won’t be able to use it anymore for the rest of that month. With all-you-can-eat data, it literally means you can use the mobile internet on your phone as much as you want for personal use when you’re in the UK.

    Why does my bill and My3 still show 1GB when I now get all-you-can-eat data?
    At first, you’ll still see your allowance as 1GB on your bill and in My3. We’re working to get both of these updated as soon as possible. You’ll still be able to use as much data as you like without worrying about it, because you won’t be charged for going out of bundle if you’re on The One Plan.

    What if I’m halfway through my billing cycle and I’ve already gone over my old 1GB allowance – will I still be charged for going out of bundle this month?
    The One Plan will be changed from 13 December 2010, so if before that date you go over your 1GB allowance, you’ll be billed at 10p per MB. You won’t have to pay for any data you use in the UK after 13 December 2010.

  • Bigguy

    Instead of an FM Radio, why not just HD stations! I miss my Smooth Jazz in the DC area.