Back in August, Sebastien posted about Typophone 4, a really awesome iPhone lockscreen for jailbroken iPhones, and I’ve been using it ever since.

Now there’s a modified version created by a fan that includes weather info at the bottom, complete with hi-res images and forecasts. You can choose what cities you want to be able to select from, and you can toggle to view current conditions, today’s forecast, and tomorrow’s forecast. The data is pulled from Yahoo! weather.

The app comes with only 3 pre-set cities, and it’s a little tricky to change to your own, as it requires using a SSH client. So here’s a walkthrough:

For information on setting SSH up, follow the links below. There are different programs and ways to SSH but I’ve found these two methods are the easiest. Remember, you SSH and modify settings at your own risk!

SSH for Windows
SSH for Mac

Once you’re ready to go with SSH, follow these instructions:

1) Download and install “Typophone Weather” from Cydia.

2) Open your SSH client and navigate to /private/var/stash/Themes.XXXX/Typophone GMT (or Typophone Weather).

3) Edit the zip.txt file. You can replace the current zip codes with ones of your own choosing, and you can also put the city name in quotes instead of zip codes. Example: [75370, “New York”, 90210] International cities are supported now, too.

You can have up to 5 cities, or just have one. If you only have one, commas and brackets are not necessary, otherwise leave them intact.

4) Save/upload the edited zip.txt file, then open Winterboard and enable the Typophone Weather theme (and disable Typophone 4 if currently selected).

5) Respring. If you didn’t already have Typophone 4 installed, you will need to also download Lockscreen Clock Hide in Cydia to get rid of the lockscreen clock.

Now that Typophone Weather is installed, here’s how to select a city and toggle through conditions/forecasts:

To select one of your new pre-set cities from the lockscreen: Tap the clock or date and it will slide up to reveal the city list. Tap the arrow to right of the city name to scroll through the list of cities you defined in zip.txt. Tap a city to select that city as default. The city name should go bold. Tap the date to slide down.

To toggle through current conditions, today’s forecast, and tomorrow’s forecast: Simply tap the weather info. It will scroll back to current conditions once you tap on tomorrow’s forecast.

Pretty sweet, yeah? If you’re obsessed with the weather like me, this is a great complement to Weathericon app, if not an outright replacement.

What do you readers think of Typophone Weather? Do you think you will use it?

  • Dustin


    I couldn’t help but to notice “Allen, TX” on your phone. Is that where you live? I live right down the street in Frisco, thought it was pretty cool to see a local city on here. Thanks for the great post, keep it up!

    • Jason

      I live in Frisco as well! Small world!

      • Dustin

        Wow, it is a small world! Did you go to school around here? I went to and graduated from FHS in ’03.

      • Jason

        No, I went to Leander just north of Austin. Class of ’99.

  • Oh geez… That’s the ugliest and most cluttered thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Ghr


  • Shasirax

    What if you don’t use farenheight and want it in centigrades instead?
    Have been looking in the jquery.simpleWeather.min.js but I can’t figure it out…

  • dAAni

    Sorry but SlantedLock is like 10 times cooler

  • I love this app, thanks for the info, got her up and running on my iPhone 4

  • Burge

    If you see this….. I haven’t installed this… I dont like it..

    • brent

      LOL Touchè, dude.

      I actually do like it. I think I’ll give it a try.

  • Vincent

    Attractive but not too useful. Lockinfo has more information with its many plugins (not too mention it fully integrates with iPhones weather settings). There is also a HTC Clock plugin which looks great 🙂

  • MM

    The biggest problem once again in these applications is that they don’t store the weather information, once u get off the wifi, the application starts looking for internet hence there is no weather information :(. Guy if anyone know how to make these applications store the weather information plz let me know.

  • I changed the unit to ‘c’ in the jquery.simpleWeather.min.js to have the temperature in Celcius, but that was effectless.
    There’s another jquery.min.js but whoever wrote that file was a sick b*****d – unreadable code.

    so this ain’t a nice lock screen, ’cause there is no mail or calendar section like in David Ashman’s LockInfo.

    Time and date is also given on the default lock screen and the weather data…. well when I look out of the window than I see the weather data 😉
    So there are NO improvements to the def. lock screen and I’m not so old that I need letters of that size 😉

    • MM

      Term/978 file:jquery.min.js is already encrypted and its just to enable jquery functions, all main functions for the theme are in jquery,simpleweather.min.js. I myself changed the unit section but still no change, however i m trying to get results from the yahoo service and lets see whats the end result. 🙂

  • MM

    Those of you who want to see results in Degree C, edit file:jquery.simpleWeather.min.js and change unit: ‘c’. After that edit file:LockBackground.html, find ‘unit’ and change it also to ‘c’. 🙂
    I am further looking to store results so that it atleast shows forecast weather in offline mode (i.e. when not connected to wifi).

  • DomPerignon

    One of the most cluttered screens that I’ve ever seen. I simply don’t like it. I think LockInfo is much better looking, slicker and more versatil lockscreen.

  • Brandon

    Can anyone tell me how to edit this to make the month and day fit on the screen. My CSS skills are very very limited. I see the position is absolute and if I try to change the height or width which usuall works for minor size changes with me

  • I like clean looking lockscreens but this one looks interesting. By the way thanks for showing the tutorial on how to install this theme it makes the iPod Touch life a little easier.

  • mplsboywonder

    Do you need winterboard for this to work? Or is this a stand alone app?

  • Help with…

    How does it work for international cities?

    • SRUm1sh

      for international cities, just write the city name within quotations. Make sure u give a ‘space’ after the comma. Example:

      [61606, “Rome”, “New Delhi”, “Tokyo”]

  • SRUm1sh

    Thanks a lot, Matthew! That helped a lot. 🙂

  • DAN

    Mine is not working. Only the spinning cursor? It’s not loading the weather.. help!

  • danny

    It finally works. I wrote the CITY NAME instead of the zip code, and it works better………..

  • Marlos

    Hi all, from Perth, Australia here and its coming up as Perth, AS.
    Any idea why?

  • paul

    it;s cool. i like it but how can I change loation to vancouver, bc, canada

  • Lucky

    i hv a question… if i enter zip code(pin code) of india, will it work same way?

  • I really liked this tweak, thanks for sharing

  • Peter Jansen

    In the updated app (today) only edit the “unit.txt” in the same folder to Celsius if needed.
    The reason for putting the name of foreign cities is that similar zip codes outside of the US exist in more then one country.
    [“Amsterdam”, 20902, “Kosice”] works for me


    “Celsius” too

  • Peter Jansen

    One Q left though; is it possible to change the clock to 24hrs format?

  • Thiago Lima

    To change the clock to 24hs format just edit functions.js file end at 2nd line change “true” to “false”. It’s worked pretty well for me after the change. =)

  • Peter Jansen

    So true! Thanks 😀

  • Kendoisonfire

    I can’t find the line to change to 24hr format

  • teq

    How do you switch from °F to °C ???

  • KentuckyHouse

    I’m having a couple of difficulties and I’m wondering if anyone can help. First off, let me say I LOVE this lock screen! I’ve been using LockInfo for a while now and love it too, but I was getting tired of it and needed a change. This fits the bill nicely.

    Now to my problems. I’m editing the zip.txt file as stated above. I’m located in Lexington, KY and I took out the default locations and put:

    [“Lexington, KY”, “Louisville, KY”]

    I’m doing this via iFile, BTW. Anyway, once I put those locations in, save the file, and respring, I do get the weather info for Lexington, but I’m not able to tap the date or time and get the window to open so I can scroll to Louisville. Tapping the screen does nothing.

    Also, it seems as if the temperature doesn’t change from the initial reading it gets. Even after a respring (and even a reboot), the temp stays the same. I noticed above that someone mentioned that once you’re off a wifi connection, it won’t register the temp. Is that correct? And do I understand that the 1.6 version will fix this (or attempt to)? 1.6 hasn’t shown up in Cydia for me yet…only the 1.5 that I’m currently on.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Again, love the lock screen…now if I can just get it to work perfectly.

  • KentuckyHouse

    Oh yeah…and I’m on a 3GS running iOS4, if that info helps with my post above.

    • Don’t put “, KY” just put “Lexington,” and see if that works.

  • KentuckyHouse

    Matthew, I changed it to just “Lexington” and now it pulls up Lexington, Alabama…lol. Before posting the first post above, I also had tried both the ZIP codes and the Yahoo Weather codes. I had a little success with the ZIP codes (it still only pulled up the first city), but with the Yahoo codes, it didn’t work at all.

    I’m stumped. I can’t figure out why tapping the screen won’t slide the time and date upward so I can select another city.

  • KentuckyHouse

    FINALLY figure out why I couldn’t access the panel that allows you to scroll to other city’s weather listings!

    Apparently, when you’ve got the LockInfo lockscreen enabled, there’s a hidden overlay that doesn’t allow you to “touch” the “F” in the temp panel. It also doesn’t allow you to touch the time or date in order to get the alternate city panel to pop up. That’s why I couldn’t get it to work.

    I disabled the lockscreen function in LockInfo and BAM…it works perfectly!

    Of course, this makes LockInfo kinda useless because without the lockscreen function turned on, you don’t get the LockInfo panels for Calender, Notifications, etc. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but I’m hoping it doesn’t also disable the status bar icons…I’ve grown to really like those.

    But if you’re having problems getting the weather touch portion of this theme to work and have LockInfo installed, try this and see if it works for you.

    • RobtheRed

      New cydia update does not have zip.txt file and I am unable to get Toronto, Canada anymore. Has weather.txt file now. Not zip.txt. Can someone help?

  • Jekel35

    Its called weather.txt. Once you open it up, its actually much easier to edit. Good luck.

  • KentuckyHouse

    I agree with Jekel. The weather.txt file is MUCH easier to edit. Just replace the preexisting ZIP codes and city names and replace them with your own. Respring and that’s it. It worked perfectly for me.

    I also figure out how to still be able to use LockInfo on the lock screen effectively. If you set the LockInfo lock screen to only appear when you use an activator motion (I use left swipe across the status bar), it’ll just pop down so you can see your normal LockInfo panels. And I was worried that the status bar notification icons wouldn’t work…but they do. I’m all set up perfectly now.

  • KentuckyHouse

    BTW, I did all the editing of the weather.txt file right on my phone using iFile. Easy as can be. And I’m by no means good at these sorts of things. But the step-by-step listed in this post is perfect and easy to follow.

  • KentuckyHouse

    Is there a way to change the default black background to something else?

    I tried swapping out the LockBackground.png for a different one (obviously I kept the name the same), but all I got was a tiny little strip of the new background at the top of the status bar.

    I’d love to put a nice blue background behind the text and see what it looks like.

    • I don’t know about the Typophone Weather one, but with the regular Typophone I was able to keep my regular background. You can always email the dev from the Cydia page for the app. They may be able to add that functionality in an update or tell you how to do it.

  • ism

    with weather.txt

    how would u set internation cities? e.g London, UK,

  • Peter Jansen

    I want zip.txt back! 🙂
    In zip.txt I had “Amsterdam”, “Kosice”, and ” 20902, Silver Spring” and that worked perfectly.
    { “cityName”: “Silver Spring, MD” , “zip”: “20902” }works fine but

    { “cityName”: “Amsterdam, NH” } (yahoo code)
    { “cityName”: “Amsterdam, NH” , “zip”: “1019” }
    { “cityName”: “Amsterdam, NL” }
    or just plain
    { “cityName”: “Amsterdam” }

    don’t work and I didn’t even get to Kosice

    Any ideas???

  • Peter Jansen

    Here’s the whole code in the weather.txt file

    { “units” : “Celsius” , “places” : [

    { “cityName”: “Amsterdam, NH” , “zip”: “1019” } ,
    { “cityName”: “Silver Spring, MD” , “zip”: “20902” } ,
    { “cityName”: “Kosice” }
    ] }

    • Peter Jansen

      Just to be clear about this, the code, with execption of Celsius and Silver Spring, doesn’t work

  • Peter Jansen

    I mailed the maker and (incredibly!) he replied within a day.
    Full proper instructions here, and in the future a config app !

    Everything works fine now

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the unlock, arrows, and camera in the lockscreen using iFile