Now that we have a jailbreak for our iPhones again I have been pouring through the selections to see what I really want on my iPhone 4 and one of my biggest items is ringtones. Most everyone loves to customize their device and what better way to make it truly unique than to add your own selection of ringtones.

Cydia’s ringtone subsection is pretty extensive with many songs, sound effects and TV show themes to choose from and download right into your primary system ring tone list…

I am one of those people who likes to have different ringtones for important people in my address book like parents, siblings, that significant other so that when my iPhone is sitting across the room I know who is calling by the tone and if my standard one is ringing then to me it is a less important call.

For my default one I like to mix it up a bit and I generally change this one about once or twice a month depending on how quickly the song or sound gets annoying. This month I wanted something a bit more attention getting so I set it to John Cena’s theme music from the WWE. When that tone goes off it can scare the crap out of people which I enjoy but I am a sadist anyways ;).

I have my brother set to play AC/DC’s “Back in Black” since he is a die hard fan and has all their albums and my sister I set to the “Hawaii 5-0” theme since it can be annoying and so can she at times.

I work in IT and have to be on call every other week so in order to make sure a doctor can reach me when he is having trouble with his systems I set that ring tone to The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” which is an extremely loud one that I made from the full song mp3 and it does a good job to waking me up at 2 in the morning.

Do you use custom ringtones for people that are important to you, and if so, which ones?

  • I have the level one music from ToeJam & Earl as my ringtone.

  • fiveabi

    Cydia repo of ringtones is pretty ghey

    i use the app store app called RMaker (RingtoneMaker) to make my own ringtones from the extensive music colelction i have. The app is available free of charge on app store and doesnt require ur iphone to be jailbroken either

    • Sweet, I didn’t know there was a free ring tone making app. I how ever like all my ring tones in the same system ring tone list.

  • Joe

    I have “Am I Evil” as my main one, “Children of the Grave” for my boss and “Seasons in the Abyss” for my alarm clock.

  • Brandon

    unlimtones from Cydia is just the tits!

  • Ingrid

    I love the one called “annoying ringtone” I wish there was a way to use the text one for texts though

    • Dadditude

      If you are jailbroken, ToneFXs will let you easily customize your text message sound (or several other system sounds).

  • MALdito

    Mmmm, interesting. If you google custom iphone ringtones, you should be able to find a (easy) tutorial that shows you how to make your own ringtones from the songs you already have. I’ve done it with alot of success and haven’t even used any of the stuff you guys have mentioned. I’m not saying they’re not good, I just haven’t needed them. But…. now I think I will look into them.

    Oh, BTW
    Here is the link:”

    • Chris

      I’m glad that someone else mentioned this. To summarize:
      1) Set beginning and ending time of song so it is less than 40 seconds long.
      2) Convert to AAC.
      3) Change the file extensions to “.m4r”

      Bam. Free ring tones.

      • Chris

        Almost forgot:
        4) Copy ringtone into the “Ringtones” folder and open it.

  • TG

    I have the super mario level 1 music as my ringtone lol.. and sometimes i use the thundercats theme.

  • d.

    It couldn’t be easier with

  • Shiv

    Sebastian is there anyway or app to customize SMS tone

  • Jerry

    I have deadmau5 Moar Ghost n stuff’… custome ringtones r the shit!