A quick note to let you know that the GreenPois0n download for Linux is now available. Up until now, only the Windows version was available on the site.

Apparently, the Chronic Dev Team is having issues making GreenPois0n work on Mac and it might take a few days to get it done. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you informed when it comes out.

In the meanwhile, you can always check our GreenPois0n guide for more information on how to use GreenPois0n to jailbreak your iPhone.


  • Cojendo

    If I only have a Mac and therefor only sync to a Mac, will I have any issues if I JB using Windows or Linux? iPhone 4 btw

    • No, it doesn’t matter what platform you use to jailbreak.

      • Cojendo

        Thank you. Also, if I have no need to unlock, do I still need to keep my baseband?

  • comex


  • Cojendo

    Thanks Comex. So glad I found this site.

  • Applefansarefaggots

    LimeRa1n is much easier to use and it worked great, Jail broke 7 iPhones already and not even a single hicup.


    OK i got windows pc and of course i can run greenpois0n and i can run limera1n and i can run red snow 9.0.6 BUT which one is it better i have os4.1 on a 3g i just want the best Stable jb so what do u guys think????

  • Applefansarefaggots

    @Rich-the-lamer, experiment it for yourself since you have all three unless you are truly rich-the-lamer

  • sk@tta

    neither limera1n or greenpois0n jailbroke my 3g on iOS4.1. I Had to use redsnow

  • AJ

    it keep turning ipod off if itz on 4.1 they need to update it to stop that

  • Tee CS

    btw, may anyone tell me how to use linux to jaibreak OS 4? Coz i cant even get the itunes work on my Ubuntu 10.10.