The rumor just started going around on the web that infamous iPhone hacker Geohot might be making a come back with a jailbreak for iOS 4.1. The jailbreak will supposedly called LimeRa1n and would be released on 10/11/10, just a day after the GreenPois0n scheduled release date.

We’ve heard about LimeRa1n before, and it all turned out to be just a website with no real purpose. So what’s different now? Is Geohot really coming back? He is, if you believe this image…

The problem is I don’t believe this image is real. It might or might not have been sent out by Geohot, but even if it was, it doesn’t prove anything. After all, it’s easy to put the picture of LimeRa1n on several devices, but again, this is no proof these devices have been jailbroken.

So here are my 2 guesses about what’s really going on:

1. This image might have been put online by Geohot himself. If that’s the case I really doubt he’s got a jailbreak for iOS 4.1 If he did, he would most likely want to release it before GreenPois0n comes out.

2. The second possibility is that this was completely made up by some random simply to generate fake rumors.

What’s your take on this? Do you think Geohot is back? If so, do you think he’s got a jailbreak? Is this all made up? Your guess is as good as mine.

UPDATE: Well it might be for realz after all. P0sixninja, the developer behind GreenPois0n confirmed on Twitter that Geohot was indeed coming back. I’m still very skeptical about the release date of a potential LimeRa1n.


  • dAAni

    geohoooooot is back !

    @p0sixninja Joshua Hill
    yes, the news about geohot is true, the day after we release ETA he decides he wants a piece of the #pie

    • Jon Garrett

      which is one of the many reasons why so many people dislike him. talented he may be, but he’s also a douche.

  • joseph

    it could just be a picture of some lime colored rain drop put on all 4 devices. Also no1 would need his jailbreak on the 11th cause greenpoison is already coming out.

    • AliG

      Yes. We need this! Many ppl specially 3GS owners would welcome this!

    • simon

      if you have a 4th gen device that is, what about us 3rd gen users!!! we need his jailbreak!

  • Phayzer

    Yeah but they say greenpoison is only for 4th generation

  • Dadditude

    Does anyone even CARE about egohot anymore? (And no, that was NOT a typo.)

    • Orangesn0w


    • Jon Garrett

      I was glad he was gone, but now that someone else is about to release a new JB, he crawls out of his hole to have all the focus on him.

      Its really a shame so much talent is wasted on him.

      • Shadow

        He has been a childish jerk in the past. But this was cool. He didn’t say neener neener, he just released it. Maybe his ego is lessening.

  • 2meu

    It seems like there may be good news for 3GS owners after all. But don’t take my word for it.

    I like the idea though.

  • who cares, Geohot is an egotistical asshole. He is a day late and a dollar short IMHO

  • Paul

    Fuck George hotz. Way to be a cheesedick.

  • EgoHot

    Has no one else noticed a similarity in the naming of the two? lime = green

  • TheRacket

    You are all nuts, Geohot’s jailbreak works on ALL iOS devices, not just the iPhone 4. His jailbreak is way better you all need to stop hating on him.

    • Icon

      I agree. Geohot’s not doing it for any compensation. Ego or no ego, you gotta thank him.

      • EgoHot

        yeah ok… he’s only been holding out on his exploit since March…

  • tots

    notice the logo on the 3gs is not the same size as the ipodtouch and IP4? …edited?

    • EgoHot

      I noticed that too but I think it has more to do with the pixel size of the original icon and the ppi of the screens on each iDevice.

  • Aart

    Well given Green Posi0n isn’t going to work for us with iphone 3gs, I think it is great that someone is going to allow me to unlock my phone. Not everyone wants or can afford the new iphone 4, that and some of us are happy with what we have.. Thanks and glad your back.

    • William Douglas

      Not to give you a hard time but you should be able to jailbreak/unlock the 3GS and sell for more than enough to buy a 4. I have in the past sold unlocked and jailbroken 3GS iPhones for up to $500.00

      • simon

        and? i like my 3gs, my mates have 4g’s and they have nothing but trouble with the signal! ill stick to 3gs thx till 5gen comes out and hopefully that will have the reception issues sorted! who uses the forward facing camera anyway!

      • Beakhand

        Wanna buy my excellent condition iPhone 3GS white 32 gb for 450 u can make 50 bucks Jailbroken and unlocked currently on 4.0.1

  • Thanks to Dev-Chronic team for Greenpois0n

    Thanks to Geohot for LineRa1n
    Great job guys

  • Tbui123

    Why all the hostility and foul language? When there were no jailbreak releases yet, you all moan and groan and beg “please please please hurry…”, now there will be a jailbreak coming out on 10/11 (based on Seb. article), may be another one come out the day after, and you all have an attitute that you don’t give a hoot. I remember not long ago before comes out, ten of thousands of people were appreciative of blackra1n just fine. If you all are so damm good, write your own jailbreak program before you cussing out geohot. You all are a bunch of ungrateful bastards… And cut out all the F words, Cheese D**k and all that, immature jerks… I feel like I am reading a immature teenager website, may be I am…

  • Jason masters

    My jailbreak releases on the 12th it’s called 0rangeju1ce it will jailbreak all devices and leave a wonderful citrus scent too!!!

    • lmfao!!! I should release DarkSm0g 🙂

    • Jon Garrett

      lol, let me know when its released.

  • msxy

    could any body help i have a problem with 3gs after jailbreakme it is blocked on the apple i can’t restore i am getting error 3194 and yes i tried to change hosts file nothing. i tried to see if it’s security also nothing i am stuckkkk i am restoring from 3.1.3 to 4.0 with itunes 9 and i tried 10 to !
    so i am downloading 3.1.3 to see if i can recover my phone i am stuck please help

    • Jesse

      Try googling for this program called recboot. It might be of interest.

    • comexjb

      go to the forum and post your question, they might have somebody to help u..

    • Orangesn0w

      Tiny umbrella has a kick out recovery button. Press that when you get the error. Always worked for me.

  • Egohot

    You guys are fucking dumb.
    For 3GS users, COMEX will release a userland jailbreak eventually, you just have to /patiently/, and userland jailbreaks will be released for you guys thoughout the year , and when the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5 come out, then they’ll be pwned4life

    But no, GeoHot is too selfish

    • Shadow

      Yeah this is why I’m dropping my iphone and going with android. None of this jailbreak hastle.

  • Geohot

    To all. I only exploit Idevices tool for my personal used. Should I join the Apple’s team, so I can hang out with Steve Jobs? Oh, I am rich, so I will work for free. I hate the Dev. team by the way.

  • Geohot

    Limera1n will be out on 101010111010

    • comexjb


  • comexjb

    if too many jb tool for 4.1.. then ask comex just jump to 4.2JB 🙂

  • Brian

    This is stupid. GeoHot’s making a big and stupid mistake by releasing it. Like MuscleNerd said, he’s just wasting an exploit. Once GreenPois0n and Limera1n are released, Apple will now have patched 2 exploits thanks to him.

    • Burge

      Greenpoison jailbreaks the new A4 chip. A 3GS doesn’t have that. So it’s only 1 exploit on 2 idevice. No harm done there

    • Why is geohot stupid ? in every society there is a lone rider , an under dog , a criminal , no rules , soo I can understand geohot, wft he is a BAD ASS ! there will always be holes in every system , didn’t god make holes in u ? lol .
      So not even apple can fix every hole/flaw in there IOS. I am not saying weather to release it or not ….but give the HOTZ a break he is an outlaw, u choose if u want to use his tools…..

  • akag9

    So, if dev teams have checked geohots jb and it works, why don’t they delay releasing theirs? And “save” the exploit. Are there angry shareholders screaming for release? Is this a pissing contest? Or is limera1n a poor solution? Or just bruised egos?

  • Go to if you don’t believe it’s real

  • eils

    we should just release GeoHots. new jb doesnt support 3GS my ass. If geo can single handedly do it, why couldnt a whole team of noobs be capable. They Deserved to be shafted. They’re jokes, we dont Need their GP,theyre selfish m*****f*****ers.

  • i hve a jailvreak for the ipod touch 3G we created by jbc

  • Joeyjojo

    Why don’t u all stop moaning and accept both if released. Limera1n for all or greenpo1sn for 4g. Use the one right for u and get over it and stop being such utter assholes! I’ve never read such rubbish in all my life.

    • JBking

      hahahah yeah right~ i don’t mind from whom, as long as the tools works!

  • I personally think he’s missing the attention also, what could he bring to the table that Greenpoison doesn’t already have. Im not quite sure why he would come out from hiding unless it’s purly political on his part. On a side note If this turns out to be true we need more people working on these projects, it’s taking way to long to release a good jailbreak that covers all idevices. My biggest concern is tethering… to me it’s worthless unless it’s a tether free jail break.

  • Turi5mo

    I kinda thank Geohot for releasing a jailbreak tool for ALL devices. If they manage to put geohots tool in greenpois0n everyone would be happy

  • Personally I think hes a fucking prick and couldnt care less,

  • Fyb3r_0ptic

    Is everyone here who doesn’t care less blah blah blah an attention seeking android or iphone 4 user ?
    limera1n ALL devices , GP iphone 4’s its GP that should be shelved geohot is right, the majority of us don’t own an iphone 4 so the majority are the ones missing out with GP release which btw they forgot to mention , its the dev team who shd hold back their exploit until they fix it for the masses and ios4.2

    • Carlos Delacruz

      Nokia 3210 user 😉

  • Nadd

    I’m incredibly happy forbids coming back to the scene and for all of my 4 iPod touches I have owned blackra1n worked perfectly without error. If he releases a jailbreak for 3GS iPhone and 3rd gen models it will be amazing!!!!

    • Nadd

      I’m mean geohot

  • I truly believe that george hotz is amazing! Also for all the haters out there well , fuck off ! This kid is the smartest apple hacker on the planet! So limera1n or not , it does change anything , this guy crack the first and all iDevices. I am not saying to worship him ,but atleast alittle respect !

    • Burge

      Well put.

  • Mbm

    I personally don’t have the 4 and don’t want it. I am happy with the 3gs. It makes much more sense to release the all on one. So if they really want to save an exploit they should hold back on the 4. I could care less if both are released, but only Geohot’s will work for me.

  • SoJurn7

    I Agree!

  • Aart

    I just think it is great, that who ever comes up with the jailbreaks an unlocks is doing all of us a favor. Instead of foul words spoken here by some, lets just thank them for their great minds and work to allow us all to enjoy our iphones the way we want… Apple surely does not..

  • Jay

    Funny just a few days ago before the announcement of 10/10/10 10:10 alot of you people were trashing the chronic team on how long they’ve taken to release Greenp0ison after months of constant “soon” they finally decided to release…Now there’s rumors of GeoHot making a comeback and you guys are bashing him??? maybe JUST MAYBE they heard the rumor of limera1n and decided to put it out before he did! who knows (if thats indeed true) we probably would of been waiting on till they release it in November when Greenp0ison for all devices is rumored to be released…But if anything I rather take my chances with GeoHot who we ALL know can put out a great working jailbreaking software!…as for the chronic team…this will be there first jailbreak solution…let’s see how well it works!

  • F U

    he is back for real? so, who care kekee

  • Tbui123

    Now that Limera1n is out and Greenpoison is not, all you ungrateful bastards that cussing out Geohot for the last couple days with your comments above, funny that most of you will still run to the computers and read up on how to jailbreak w and jailbreak your iPhones. Who laughing now?

  • Brian

    They said it best!! What more needs to be said? As usual, GEO screws things up for COUNTLESS people all in an effort to feed his ridiculous ego as well as his wallet. Can this guy not keep a promise? How many times has he said “im gone, thru with this and wont be back, so dont ask me to”..only for him to come back everytime with some buggy azz exploit? GEO’s latest BUGFEST was just released and already the blogs and forums are filled with people saying it is BUGGY AZZ CRAP…..Why would anybody think it WOULDNT BE BUGGY? Thats all this guy knows how to do….Put out CRAP and take donations for a BUGFEST. Donating to GEOHOT & using his exploits are akin to paying to screw up your device!

    And now he really screwed people because ALOT of people put ALOT of work in to a RELIABLE exploit that will now NOT BE RELEASED due to GEO’s release of his latest bug convention!

    Geo just keeps on proving what a complete and utter egomanical, greedy douche bag he really is!!

    From Chronic Dev Team:

    “Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for future devices that may still be vulnerable to it.

    We know that this is not what some people want to hear, but due to geohot needing to feed his ego (as usual) and revealing his limera1n exploit, we do not have any other responsible options.”

    • Chris

      Nice rant there Brian, but what do YOU do for the jailbreak community besides winge at others with far more skill than you? Nothing? Thought so.

  • Tino

    As a user i would like to have a permanently unlocked iPhone as well as a jailbreak for every new and worth firmware. I don’t care who is giving it to me or if that person is egocentric, i just am thankful to whoever gives me what i need. So, George, if you are the genious you look you are give an old man what he needs and unlock my iPhone forever as it would happen with any phone unlock in the world!