When I first got my iPhone, in December of 2008, it wasn’t long before I heard about jailbreaking. My friend, who didn’t even have an iPhone, told me I should jailbreak to do “cool stuff” to it. His friends had done it, and he thought I’d like it.

Always suspicious of peer pressure, I resisted. Jailbreaking sounded scary, dangerous, and maybe even illegal. Why would I do such a thing when the iPhone was already so awesomely awesome?

Six months later, I was cautiously installing RedSn0w and praying my phone didn’t brick. But why? Because I had seen this:

I had to try it. The opportunity to make my iPhone look like an actual Star Trek tricorder was just too much to resist. My geeky heart was aflutter, and I began searching out tutorials to jailbreak. Later that day, I uploaded a picture to Facebook with me and my new tricorder. Comments flooded in: “so cool!” “how’d you do that?!” “you finally jailbroke!”

Yes, I had. And there was no turning back. So what made you decide to jailbreak? Was it a theme, or an app, or maybe just a need for tethering? Were you hesitant to jailbreak? Was it as scary as you had feared? Share in the comments below!

  • Sasan

    SbSetting and the apps which make my iphone to use of its full capabilities.

  • Jailbreak….means get the F**K out of apple’s jail, so who wouldn’t. Screw the warrantee, I prefer all the goodies from cydia , there is no going back for me…I am sure once you come on the JB side of the island there is no going back.

    I will like to meet one person who can honestly say they wish they were not jailbroken…..
    Great article BTW..

  • mrmac

    i jailbreak my iPhone so i can unlock it and use it with other carriers, play cracked games, modify interface, my iPhone is useless without JB 🙂

  • Burge

    My network I used did not have the iPhone (2g) on it at the time I needed unlock. And as for the startrek theme I had a full springboard theme with apps that made up the picture of the theme … Cool as fuck …

  • pac

    I JB my iphone because i think thaht the iphone is usless without it!

    Where can i find the Star Trek tricorder?

    • The theme hasn’t been updated for 4.x or iPhone 4, but you can still get it. Search for Star Trek TNG LCARS theme.

  • greytone

    Curiosity. And contempt for Apple.

  • Peter Jansen

    Because I could

  • Mark-Anthony

    It was really about being able to customise my OS. Mac has always been very centric around customisation and being able to stream line tasks to make you more effective with the use of hot corners etc. But when it came to iPhone it has always been controlled with an iron fist. Why(?) I do not know but that’s the way they made it. Its seems a little bit backward if you ask me, but C’est la vie, have been jail broken for ages and would never go back!

  • I wanted to feel like I actually owned my own device …..  and tethering …..  all the other shit is just bonus!!!!

  • I bought my first iPhone, a 3G, last December, I was late in on iPhones, but my first iDevice was jailbroken within minutes after removing it from the box. Why? Well why not? 🙂 Now when Im on 4.1 on my 4 i miss my 5 icons, lockscreeninfo and all the other tweaks and solutions to make my iPhone experience even better.

  • I first started because I knew I shouldnt be stuck with the apple UI. A need for theming introduced me into jailbreaking actually. I wouldnt have looked if I wasnt intrested in changing how my device looked. Jailbroke and make my first theme that same day, in cydia a week later, 20k downloads later..

  • Maybe I’ll never JB, I still satisfied with the Original 😉

    • Robson

      Yah buddy who are u kidding, I have a ios:4.1 non jailbroken and the only thing i CAN use it for is calls and safari, even then it’s still lame.
      Where’s the F-ing jailbreak???

    • Oslec

      BORINNNGGG…….! lol

  • brent

    You people that say your iPhone is useless without jailbreaking really crack me up. If that’s the case, then why did you buy an iPhone in the first place? Do you not use the phone, text, email, web, music,video, and camera functions (among others) of your iPhone? No matter how many bells and whistles you can add by jailbreaking, those are still its core functions. And they are hardly useless…to me anyway.

    • Oslec

      Dude, nobody had and would ever say that an iphone is useless without a JB, it’s just BORINNNGGG….! Btw, can you download from your safari? Well if you can’t… Sorry! JB first your iphone coz apple just wont let you do that lol

      • brent

        You didn’t read the previous comments. 2 people did, in fact, say that.

        And yes, I can download from Safari because my iPhone is jailbroken and if I couldn’t jailbreak, I would still be happy with it. Just not as happy. 😉

  • iPepper


  • Cisw

    JB means you can try so many apps that not find in appstore. Somehow you can find cool stuff that you really need. Like my3g, so Facetime runs without wifi. And etc.

  • Mr Deal HD

    Brent they are useless to those of us not on AT&T. So , yes the iphone is a useless paperweight to some of us if its not jailbroken. Especially me as im in The Bahamas right now…

    • brent

      That sounds more like a personal problem than a limitation of the iPhone. I’m not calling you out personally on your purchase decisions, but I wouldn’t buy an expensive gadget that’s only usefull when hacked.

  • Petey Gummz

    SBSettings, Winterboard, and the infamous iLlumine theme, very hot 😉

  • The only reason I jailbroke my iPhone was for MyWi and the ability to tether my WiFi iPad to my iPhone.

    I have since removed the jailbreak for now. Waiting for the iOS 4.2 jailbreak.

    I removed the jailbreak for now because my iPhone was very unstable. Having to “respring” the thing just about every hour. Plus, I had to totally reboot (using the lock and home button reboot) at least once a day. I don’t think I had installed all that many apps via Cydia, but the phone sure was very unstable.

    I miss a few of the jailbreak apps that I really loved. AutoSilent, LockInfo and SBSettings just to name a few. I’ll try again when a stable 4.2 jailbreak is released.

  • JB king

    My only reason are, I already pay for the iphone, why should I pay more $$ to the apps? of course use apps illegally~~ hahahahhahaha else your iphone is gonna be $1000?, $2000, $3000 and so… hehe

  • J13razr

    I love my iPhone. Until I received it I barely used any of the social networks or any of the other fun functionalities of the Internet. The phone by itself is a tremendous tool and the style and simplistic nature makes it fun to use. If there was never any jailbreaks for it I probably would still own one. Definitely be tempted to get a different device. But since there is a jailbreak, just means I love my phone that much more. One of the top reasons for jailbreak for me is “Iblacklist”. I love it. Anybody I don’t want to call me, I can block. And that is a great feature.

  • Taimur

    Cracked games , apps , winterboard , sbsettings , CYDIA , loads more

  • iKing

    Well I had planned to get the iPhone 3G in summer of 2008 but just months before my Motorola Razor broke and had to get an early upgrade. When the phone came out AT&T said I would have to pay full price for the iPhone. I said eff that left the store hoped on eBay and bought one then jailbroke it (since just puttin in my sim card wouldn’t be enough and I’ve been happily jailbreaking ever since 😀

  • SpideyRules

    My reason for jailbreaking entirely stems from wanting to change my tone for receiving a text message. Upon further research, I found out this could only be done via JBing, which upon even further research turned out to be a way to theme my entire phone.

    You can see the snowball effect starting right there…

  • Simer

    I jailbreaked to unlock my iphone 4 and play games and do all cool stuff…….:)

  • Spizikes

    To get the iPhone to do it’s full potential!!!!

  • Jason masters

    I’ve been jailbreaking since the good old days of the first iPhone I’ve been with Tmobile then and I would never ever ever go to AT&T and pay all that money when I can have a regular bill and get all the goodies free it’s a no brainer free versus paying wins each time the cracked apps and themes and ringtones is a super side bonus if Tmobile would have had the iPhone maybe all this jailbreaking specifically to unlock would not have been so popular!

  • appletiser

    because like many i wanted to be different from the majority of other iPhone conformists. i didn’t really care less how awesome the factory spec device was, if a dozen people in my neighborhood had one then there was no way i

    • appletiser

      wanted to be yet another apple lemming by just making do with a standard device. i will always jailbreak just to be different. simple as. liking the tricorder effect btw (:

  • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

    Cuz my brother did it and I USC to see him try and fail try an fail over and over again so I kinda wanted to do it but he won’t let me he has an 1G so when I go my 2G I was happy cuz I could do it 2 🙂 and now I have a 4G so no jailbreak yet 🙁 and to get Apple to knw why they don’t Just sell some idevices pre-jailbroken to see how many would buy it and of course to give “Freedom” to ma IPod 🙂 🙂

  • DomPerignon

    Winterboard, SB Settings, 24K and Illumine did it for me.

  • Z

    iDB did it for me =)

  • Jericho

    Can anybody tells me what’s the theme shown in this article. I tried to look for Star Trek Tricoder in Cydia, it doesn’t exist.

    Pls share, I just love it. It’s very cool…

  • Logan.fr

    Because, once again, curiosity didn’t kill my cat-side
    (and I get an extra-bonus life each time my curiosity ends up with fun/interesting/productive/whatever stuff)
    Warm regards from France,

  • Areias82

    Unlock, unlock and unlock…
    Still waiting for the 4.1 unlock. If i could i would unlock it without jailbreaking…

  • Byron

    I JB my iPhone 4 so I could change ‘slide to unlock’ to say ‘swipe your cock’
    All my friends think it’s hilarious.

  • T-Mizzle

    I did it after it became “legal” ,… I am not geek enough to reap all of it’s benefits without someone else showing me the ropes. I have ventured into Cydia just a tad. I love the ability to personalize my Device.

  • Eldaria

    I waited a long time to get an iPhone, I had several heavily modded Windows mobiles, and found the iPhone inferior becasue of the lack of basic features such as Copy Paste, background pictures and alternative icons, multitasking etc.
    I was actually thinking heavily about getting Android, but due to the lack of a paid apps in Sweden, It was not so interesting.
    When the iPhone 3GS came out, it was just about the time I was thinking about getting a new smartphone.
    I wanted a phone that I could do what I wanted with, it is my phone I decide.

    I started reading about the various smartphones WinMo, Android, Symbian, etc., including the iPhone and quickly came across Jailbreaking. With the 3GS, the iPhone had reached a hardware level that was acceptable, So after verifying that the current firmware could be jailbroken I went out to buy one, and the first thing I did was to jailbreak it.

    If it had not been possible to jailbreak I would never have bough the iPhone, I would probably have gone to Android, and if the day arrives where Apple locks up the iPhone for good, I will change, If I can not Jailbreak, I won’t buy the phone.

  • sake

    JB is just too awesome to resist. I would get an Android if I cannot JB the iPhone. But once you JB an iPhone you unleash its full awesomeness potential 😀 and that’s what I want! No limitation to a device that I own!

  • I jailbreak for two reasons:

    1) Awesome software.
    2) I’d rather not be restricted by Apple.

  • Synergy

    A bit old this post but I will chime in… I never owned an iphone prior to the iphone4. I refused because of the lack of customizability. Coming from Windows Mobile and Blackberry, I was used to themes and being able to customize my device to how I wanted. There were a few other reasons I waited until iphone4 like multitasking, and a half decent camera, the 1GHz processor etc.

    My main reasons for jailbreaking in order of preference: LOCKINFO (need a today screen), SBSETTINGS (makes life SOOO much easier), Winterboard (I use the Glasklart HD theme), iFile (to browse my file system on device), 5 Icon Dock and Shrink, iBlacklist (to block pesky telemarketers), Panorama (panoramic sliding wallpapers), Rename (rename my icons to what I want), Weather Icon and Live Clock (because it’s not always 23 degrees and Sunny LOL)

  • iphoner

    i just love the fact that everyone else with an iphone can’t do stuff that i can with mine lol. Its cooler than having a droid cuz everyones droid does the same shit. i cringe when non-jailbreak iphoners try to show me something “cool” lol.

  • SamRaven2

    Honestly, I jailbroke because until I got my iPhone, I had been entirely anti-apple. I was in a pretty big hurry to make my iPhone look as much like a Windows phone as I could. I also found it increasingly annoying how long it took me to turn my wi-fi on and off, remove all the background tasks, and adjust the brightness; therefore I desperately needed SBSettings.

  • Kyle

    At first, I jailbroke it to try it out. I didn’t want to at first because I heard rumors that if you use the wrong software, it can make your iPod run REALLY slow. Also, there wasn’t one that was compatable with iOS 4.2.1 at the time I found out what jailbreaking ment.

  • Nolan Kyhl

    How did u download that. I search and search on how to do it! I know it uses jailbreak but what is it called?