There’s a new iPhone 4 commercial airing since yesterday and it’s all about the Retina Display. This TV ad shows the “highest resolution screen ever” in action, making everything looks “more beautiful than ever before”.

This ad doesn’t really differ much from previous iPhone TV ads. It has the same sappy/sweet/emotional tone that make these ads stand out from the other smartphone ads, and really make you want to buy an iPhone or at least be part of the Apple cult…

How do you like this new commercial?

  • Apple never has anyone talking in the ads…

  • GarethDPhillips

    Except its not only on the iphone 4, its also on the touch !

  • Z

    What game is that? Anyone knows?

  • Iphone

    THis game was introduce on keno when Iphone 4 was introduce
    Youtube it

  • may3rd

    The game is Project Sword.

    • Neo

      f**k you, that is Infinity Blade

  • Me171

    The game with the medieval town screen is epic citadel available on the app store as a technical demo. The game has not been released. I searched the app store for project sword and nothing comes up. Do your research before you post!

  • Calm down

    Lol it used to be called project sword but renamed infinity blade.