A couple weeks ago we introduced you to FolderEnhancer, an awesome jailbreak app that let’s you considerably improve what you can do with Folders on your iPhone. At the time though, the app was still being worked on. I’m here to tell you FolderEnhancer is now available on Cydia.

iOS 4 gave us the ability to create folders on the home screen. This was in itself a big step forward but its implementation is limited. FolderEnhancer unleashes the potential of your iPhone folders with some amazing features…

I’ve been playing with FolderEnhancer for a while and it doesn’t only look good, it works great too, except for that one time when it crashed my iPhone. I guess it just needed a reboot… So, what does FolderEnhancer do?

  • It definitely opens folders faster
  • You can add up to 320 icons per folder (by default, Apple limits you to 12/folder)
  • You can create folders inside folders
  • You can add folders to the dock

Additionally, FolderEnhancer comes with a few options you can tweak in the settings.app, such as disabling the folder wallpaper, hiding the folder name, or disabling animations.

FolderEnhancer is compatible with MultiIconMover and Iconoclasm.

Is this app worth the $1.99 price tag? Absolutely. Now stop reading this and go download it in Cydia. You won’t regret it. If you have already downloaded FolderEnhancer, please take the time to tell us what you think.

  • Alex

    you can already put folders on the dock without this…

    • Dadditude

      You can PUT folders in the dock without it, but you cannot CREATE folders in the dock without it.

  • FE

    I search it no found! have to add any repo? 🙁

    • Ryan21

      Go in Cydia and go to changes it should be there

  • Simer

    Awesome application. Made my iphone 4 better looking device.

  • Burge

    This is How folders should be from Apple

  • dave

    FolderEnhancer has the same 12 items per folder limit that Apple has. I just bought it and uninstalled it. No matter how cool it is, if I can’t put more than 12 apps in a folder then I’m sticking with infinifolder.

    • Ken

      If you have infinifolder installed…Folder Enhancer will not work properly. I had to uninstall infinifolder and foldersinfolder. Works like a charm. WAY faster folder loading now.

      • Falk

        FolderEnhancer is uninstalling Infinifolder automatically now, but FiF might still be a problem.

    • Jeremy

      Dude, it uses pages, swipe to the left and it has multiple pages for you to put apps.

    • Z

      @Dave Dude, buy it one more time, uninstall it, buy it another time and try doing all the things that were suggested. This way you’ll appreciate iDB for the help provided and the developer will appreciate you as a customer =)

  • Burge

    Then tell me how I got 15 in one folder… Did you swipe to the side in the folder ?

    • Burge

      Sorry…. make that 19 folders in a folder

  • Yes, in order to add beyond 16 icons, you must make more pages within the folder.

    • appletiser

      22 items in one of my folders without needing to create a second page, maybe cuz i have infiniboard installed too 🙂

      • Z

        Clearly says that it is not recommended to have both since it causes mulfunctioning of FE.
        If you have 22 icons in one folder on ONE PAGE, your FE is mulfunctioning!!!

        Does anyone read instructions nowadays?

  • Falk

    It’s really a shame that Infinifolders has to be uninstalled for this to work, but FolderEnhancer is more than worth it. Once the author ads full support for Iconoclasm (as in more than 16 icons per page) I’m definitely sold!

  • Falk

    OK, I just tested Infiniboard and could NOT get past the 16 icons per page restriction. Don’t waste your money.

    • akag9

      If you have 5 row installed it’s 20 icons.

      • akag9

        My bad. 16 per page. Strange. When I installed 1.0 it definitely took 20. Then ver. 1.01 removed infinifolders and limit is 16. I’ve removed FinF several days ago…

    • Z

      @Falk Read my comment to @Dave above. There are descriptions, videos and etc. sources of explanation of what/how/where does the app do. You can easily watch/read before buying. Hope this suggestion save you MILLIONS. READ before USE!

  • appletiser

    I’ve not bothered to uninstall infinifolders, primarily because i didn’t give it thought and so far no clashes – and probably the reason why i can fit 22 apps in one folder, not because of my previous comment about infiniboard being present.

  • rainrose

    sticking with infinifolders. 🙂

    • Z

      @Rainrose That’s what I used. The moment a folder would contain one icon more than the default limit, the folder loading time dropped. If you go over 20/folder – few second folder loading. That was what made me give FE a try. It’s much faster. If you don’t mind swiping left/right through pages within a folder, I highly recommend.

  • Coach

    Probably stupid question, but will this work with iOS 3.1.3 as well?

  • Simer

    I m having around 50 apps in one folder. Who said the limit is 16. Just swipe to left for the second page.

  • Anna

    How do I adjust the FolderEnhancer settings like changing the wallpapers and such?

    • Z

      You can deactivate the folder background in the settings app. Deactivating it will enable your wallpaper act as the folder background. Also there are instructions on how to change the default background image online.

  • Dave

    It made it so all my app that were in infonifolders disappeared

    • Z


  • Kev

    I don’t get it at all. Until you can change your springboard folder icons, this is utterly useless to me. I do not understand why anyone would still prefer this tweak to “categories” when you still, yes still have no choice other than apple’s useless and completely un-asthaetic, ugly and indistinguishable folder graphics whereby every folder looks the same on your springboard. I just don’t get it? Categories all the way for me until you can change your springboard folder icons.

    • Alastion

      It takes forever for categories to load for me

  • adam

    just made my phone even more slick. 😉

  • Kev

    Sorry, just to add; categories always had the ability to put folders in folders and folders on the dock. But with any icon you want on your front folder. And with categories sb is pretty quick. It’s qucker than dragging and dropping loads of apps. You can also save your layout with pkgbackup before a jailbreak. Really sorry, but I just do not get why folder enhancer is so great.

  • Z

    App review:
    1. Works literally half way with SBRotator, hope to see an upgrade coming for that.
    2. I don’t get this dock jump when opening a folder. Anyone else noticed it? I do not like it and I hope it’s fixable.
    3. I like that disabling the background enables the wallpaper as a folder background, and don’t see a necessity to have a different background for folders.
    4. Works much faster than CategoriesSB and puts infinifolders to shame.

    Conclusion: keeping it! Thanks Seb.

    • Z

      5. When moving icons within a folder, most of the times the icons are placed on a new page of SB, makes it hard to arrange icons within forlders.

      Just noticed it. Thought I’d share it.

      • Z

        6. It says it works with multiicon mover, well, it works only half way. If you try to place more than 16 icons in an empty folder, the folder page will only fill up with 16 icons, and the rest will not be moved.
        This is where page generation within folders should be automatic. Until then you can only move up to 14 icons at a time (that’s considering you have to have 2 apps in the folder for the folder to exist).

  • that was over my head

  • Zen

    Does anyone know how to move multiple icons? I haven’t figured out how to do it

  • Brian

    NNNNNNOOOOOOOO! Doesn’t work with ios4.1 let the tears fall!