PlayAwake is a new jailbreak app available in Cydia that will let you use your iPod music as an alarm clock sound on your iPhone. By default, you are only limited to a few alarm clock sounds on your iPhone. PlayAwake wiill lift this limitation and let you choose any song from your iPod library to wake up to.

Just pick a track from your iPhone’s music library from inside the default alarm clock app and you will wake up listening to your favorite song… 

This tweak fully integrates in the default Clock application. It will work for iOS4+ only.

You can download PlayAwake from Cydia for $1.99. Let us know how it works for you.

  • Duetschpire

    I always wanted this app!
    Now as I’m on the 4.1 iOS, it’s useless lol

    • DarkReaper

      Dude what do u not understand from the “+” after “iOS4”? It means iOS 4 and above could use that app, LOL?

      • Eric

        He means there is no jailbreak for 4.1. And despite false reports, it’s gonna be awhile. Shatter is not an easy exploit. .

      • spades

        you can avoid all that and get the morning worm app. it’s an alarm clock app available in the normal app store, and it lets you set any song from your iPod library as the alarm. also, it’s got a little twist that makes sure you’re awake in the AM…you have to solve some sort of puzzle to get the music to stop. priced at 2.99. pretty effective…

  • Radio Alarm (i think, previously reviewed here) does this and more: it let you set 10 songs, a radio channel or the usual clock sounds

    • Z

      That’s pretty cool. Is it integrated into the default clock app?

  • That’sMe

    Rather useless to pay for this app… If I simply convert the extension of the aac filename from m4a to m4r, I can like just put any ringtone in the standard application…

    For free, ok, but to pay for something that is soo very easily overcome?

    That radio bit is very nice, though 🙂 Radio Alarm seems pretty nifty 🙂

  • T-Mizzle

    I want this! I’ve been wanting to do this since I bought my phone!!!

  • It’s funny all these things that seem so obvious when we first hear about them. “Why didn’t I think of that” is probably a common saying when someone comes out with an application idea that technologically has been possible for a long time.

    This one I like. It totally kicks butt!

  • TotallyBrit

    Is this some kind of joke? I’ve been using custom ringtones on my iPhone as my alarm clock using the native alarm clock since my 3GS..why pay? @That’sMe sums it best.

    • fivepoints

      yes, everyone knows how to make a free ringtone. and obviously you can then use that as your music for the native alarm. but that’s only a 30-second clip, and idk about you but i get pretty sick of that 30 seconds repeating over and over until i get up and turn it off. and actually, i just tried the morning worm app and there’s a “groove” function that will keep playing the music after you’ve finished the puzzle to turn off the alarm. pretty simple, but pretty cool as i like to listen to music when i get ready in the morning.

      • Z

        All I can think of is how long does it take one person to wake up? 30 seconds is way more than you need. Unless you’re a snoozer. Just trying to see why you let that 30sec alarm tone to loop over and over again. Turn up the volume, you won’t need 30 seconds to wake up, more like an instant =)

        I think what @TotallyBrit was trying to say is why charge for something that can be done for free.

        P.S.: I think unlimtones allows you to make longer than 30sec ringtones, check it out. Just takes a while to convert a long clip.

  • galg

    Super!!! Finally someone solved that ridicules limitation by apple!

    I don’t get that company sometimes! Why don’t they let us enjoy the ability to choose? I love waking up to a different song every day and without the hassle of converting songs or purchasing ringtones! All clock applications force you to have them in the foreground because of iOS limitations, otherwise your back at ringtones…

    Thank you Hanene Samara for that great tweak! Your app was the reason I jailbreaked my iphone.

    And if the guys at apple come across this page: The more limitations you put, the faster we’ll run jailbreaking! Keep that in mind!

  • This is by far the best modification ever! Works great with 4.2 jailbreak and i use it everyday. It got lots of custom settings you can tweak.

  • Anonymous

    Crashing and not working on iPhone4 iOS5