The thing we love about rumors is also the thing we hate about them. They change every day. This has been truer nowhere else than in the Verizon iPhone hoopla. It’s truly the story that just won’t find a resolution and here we are.

Computer World has a lengthy update about the possibility and state of the 2011 Verizon iPhone. It isn’t happening. If it is going to happen it will not be until the carrier gets their 4G network up and running…

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg told investors at a conference that he would hope that Apple would allow them to sell the device for their “new” network they are working on. The 4G Verizon network isn’t slated to be available in 2011.

Personally I just don’t understand that hype about a Verizon iPhone. I guess we don’t have to worry about it for another year, right? What will they do with the 3 million CDMA iPhones they are making this December? Thoughts?

  • Jason masters

    They will be used for firewood and they’ll pass out free smores too!!!

  • Jgitto

    Sprint 4G is out

  • William Douglas

    They could go to Sprint or be more phones for the CDMA carriers in Canada that already have CDMA iPhones.
    I personally don’t have any idea why people want a Verizon iPhone. I understand that AT&T isn’t always the best carrier but Verizon is much worse, trust me.
    I drove truck for a living for 10 years and my brother still does and I can tell you for a fact we both have better coverage in the 48 states with AT&T than Verizon or Sprint and yes we tried all carriers at one time or another.
    My brother is currently using my old 3GS and he has great performance on the road all over the country with it. Now, granted he doesn’t always have 3G access with some of the remote areas he goes too but he had far less coverage with Verizon’s ‘3G’ network.
    Also, the only time he drops a call is usually if a tower near him or myself is acting up where on Verizon I’d lose him in the middle of a call and it might be 2 hours before he got into an area with coverage again.

    • William Douglas

      The other thing is a Verizon iPhone would be useless compared to AT&T or T-Mobile. CDMA carriers generally lock the phones down so tight jailbreaking wouldn’t be available on them and also no VisualVoicemail since that is an AT&T exclusive feature as well as no data and voice at same time either. Big deal breakers if you ask me.

      • Michael

        Another nonsensical post!

        Verizon has had Visual Voice Mail for years!!! An AT&T exclusive? You really are a MORON!

    • Michael

      You are a MORON!

      Verizon’s network is 10 times the network of AT&T!

      I have been in the industry for 20 years all over the US and there is a distinct advantage to Verizon’s network over AT&T’s…

      Obviously your coverage for AT&T in your infinitesimal area you roam in is better, but NATIONALLY, there is no comparison!!!!

      Verizon wins hands down in EVERY AREA OF SERVICE!!!

  • Bill

    Whatever crack smoker. I drove truck 10 years coast to coast and I know better. My brother still does. You are the only Moron here.

  • Michael

    I guess the road has gotten to both your intellect… And I don’t and have never smoked crack!
    My experience over the past 20 years of testing both networks has been extensive and unbiased!

    There is NO COMPARISON, Verizon is definitively the better network HANDS DOWN!

  • Bill

    whatever, try the 250 miles of 1-81 between PA-Maryland and VA and see how many bars you get with verizon. 0 And several other places all over the country in populated areas. I have used every carrier in the US at once point and time and V sucks as does sprint, nextel(now owned by sprint) Metro.

    Not saying AT&T perfect but have given me better performance from coast to coast than any other.