Just for the record I have yet to publish an article for an app that has been sponsored or paid for in any way. I say that so when you see that I’m writing about an app, that I actually find it worthy or ridiculous enough to mention. This one falls under both categories.

Engadget has a little write up about a new selection in the App Store called Awareness! (punctuation theirs). Awareness sets up a noise threshold to your headphones, then disallows those noises from entering your state of consciousness. At least that’s what it says…

For $5 I think the app is a bit overpriced but I have yet to actually try it out so I can’t attest to the quality of the application. You can adjust the noise threshold allowance within the app so that’s kind of cool. You can also put the app on pause mode as well as control your music through the app.

So try it out here, diehards. Let us know if the app’s abilities are worthy of its price.

  • Eric

    You completely got the point of tuis app wrong. It’s tinker outside noise IN. like if you’re on a bike you could still hear a horn or siren, not Yo keep noise out of your conscienceness (as you claim the app says though it doesn’t – it claims what I wrote).

    • Kev

      Can you say again in a different way?

  • Eric

    That should read “to allow outside noise in. “

  • That actually seems really clever. You can still have conversations with the headphones on.

  • appletiser

    Awareness! (punctuation as per app store 😉 ) seems a good idea and, as stated, it allows you to hear certain hazards of the outside world to still be heard, like traffic approaching from behind or emergency vehicles. i commute to work by pedal bike every day through relatively busy streets. mp3 volume is set to fairly loud to overcome annoying wind noise so will be interesting to see if i can set the threshold to hear other road users without reintroducing the noise i can currently eliminate. will update tomorrow.

  • Misc

    So you haven’t tried the app yourself., you just happened to find it on Engadget, and you’re telling us to try it.
    I wish all bloggers are as great as you… what a fine example of journalism.

    • It’s not journalism, it’s a BLOG! We’re here to talk about whatever we want. We don’t have to try an app to talk about it 😉

  • Z

    I think Awareness is an app that allows you to hear everything around you, like someone talking to you, or a car honking while having your headphones in your ears. It’s also helpful for hearing impaired.

    I found it to be rediculouadly overpriced and pointless for personal use.

  • Outahere

    That’s it. Final straw. Your blog is shit. You can’t even get the description of an app correct. Goodbye.

    • Kev

      See ya. At last. An a hole less space. Feel free to talk about whatever you want to talk about Seb.

      • Thanks man, I appreciate it. Besides it wasn’t even me who posted this article. Ethan did. Anyways, we don’t force anyone to read iDB 😉

  • That’sMe

    Still, I like your blog, it’s really cool!! Aware that you’re not doing this for me LOL I just wanted to give you support, I find it really useful 🙂

    As for the app, it’s nice, but it should be free, I agree with Z there. It’s use is very limited LOL
    Usually I wear the headphones exactly to shut everything out 😀 SO the inverse isn’t really as uselful to me…

  • WingSilence

    Just throwing this out there
    I really like this Blog, as no one has the kind and time and resource to try everything out.
    Even if you do, the review may or may not fit everyone’s taste based on preference.
    That being said, I really appreciate you take the time listing interesting new apps
    It saves me a lot of time looking around, especially new apps with potentials, which won’t be listed as on the popular list (not out long enough) or not on the new list (got flushed out by thousand new apps everyday).

  • Sue JobSon

    LOL …. it’s better than Eastenders!!

    Now WHEN WILL YOU BE ANNOUNCING the 4.1 JB so I can try out all these amazing apps myself!!?!

    • Braden

      I wasn’t paying attention at first and I though it was 4.1 Jailbait. Hurdurr.