iOS is a wonderful operating system in my opinion. That doesn’t mean I think that other phones should necessarily run the Apple created software. Apparently a certain HTC owner didn’t think the same because it appears that the OS has been successfully been morphed over another platform.

9 to 5 Mac has the story and it appears the device runs the operating system like an iPhone 3G running 4.0.

Kudos for the effort and motivation this must have taken. That being said it seems kind of pointless to desire a slow performing version of the iOS.


  • Lucas

    I think its better than the original os from this phone

  • Mac

    What they are doing is bad they
    will face criminal charges

    • you’re retarded!!! WTF are you talking about?!?!?!? illegal? face crminal charges?!? I’m not even quite sure how to comment on, or rebut your dumb ass assclown statement!!! ugh

      • Kirk

        iOS is copyright software. Its illegal to duplicate. end of story.

        Anyways, i also heard that its just an elaborate theme.

  • Luis

    the news first sentences makes no sence?

  • Blockhead

    yes, time to see iOS 4.X on more HTC machines… Android is still very stone age.

    • Nate

      That couldn’t be less true, it is far more capable than ios and has many more features.

  • SellWeek

    It’s just a theme, albeit a very good one. Look at the animations. If it was ported and really could play the animations, it would at least play the right ones (apps popping from bottom instead of center of the screen). And there are little details like the fact background is moving when you go to other page on homescreen (again, if it was a port, it would not animate rather than animate more) or the way confirm buttons on keyboard look. It’s just a precise theme…

  • NYPD

    An elaborate theme is not a ported iOS, because if you can put it on another device, you open up a huge market for knockoffs that can utilize installous. The clones right now are nothing without the apps.

  • Jon Garrett

    I thinks its awesome that people can put Android OS on an iPhone and iOS on an non-iphone. it benefits all of us (the users) to be able to put any OS on any device. gives us plenty of options for us (not the carriers or manufacturers) to decide on which phone/os combination is best for us.