It was a Thursday morning like any other. I woke up at 7:45am  to “Kanye West – Addiction” blaring from my Sony alarm clock/ipod dock. I grabbed my iPhone off that dock and hobbled to the bathroom and launched a pre made playlist to listen to as I got ready for work.

For those of you who frequent the blog this is a great example of where my beef with the iPhone’s speaker quality comes into play. But that’s neither here nor there. I updated myself on the day’s technology news using RSS Reader and bouncing around from site to site, once again on my iPhone.

Even on my way to work, my iPhone is my primary source of music. My car doesn’t natively have the ability to utilize bluetooth audio, but I do have a Jabra SP700 that takes my phone’s bluetooth audio signal and FM transmits it through my car radio, ipso facto, I had iPhone music playing through my car’s speakers. Before waltzing into work, I respond to a few emails from car dealers as I am currently shopping for a new vehicle.

Now I said this was a normal Thursday, save for the fact that right after work I was to hop on an airplane to Dallas, TX as I was going to visit family and friends for the weekend. About 6 hours before my flight, I received a text message reminding me to check-in, which once again I was able to do, right from my iPhone, and I even changed my seat to an available window seat so I could watch the plane take off.

Once at the airport, I used a “mobile boarding pass”, which essentially is a boarding pass on your phone that has a barcode that scans like a typical paper pass, and with half an hour to spare before my plane boarding, plugged in my Dr. Dre beat in ear headphones (I’m impressed by the way, and stay tuned to the blog for a quick review and tips on how to get them 60% off retail) and listened to music until it was time to board.

The plane ride itself was a breeze, thanks to about 6 episodes of The Simpsons on my iPhone and the occasional snapshot of the gorgeous clouds at 25,000 feet in the air (which looked gorgeous by the way on my iPhone 4’s retina display) from my window seat.

Upon landing, I popped open the Avis Rental Car App and picked a car out, then proceeded to the Avis Rental Stand and picked it up almost hassle free. It wasn’t too shabby, a 2010 Ford Fusion, but the highlight was it came with Ford’s Microsoft Sync package which is basically the best implementation of bluetooth in a car I’ve seen. Almost all bluetooth profiles are supported, including my favorite, A2DP, which means I can natively stream music wirelessly through the car’s speakers with no loss in audio quality. It of course also enables you to make phone calls using the car’s speaker system, which I utilized to inform my mom I had made it safely and was on my way.

It is absolutely unbelievable to think where cell phones were just a few years ago. It amazes me to think how integrated my iPhone is in my daily activities, a phone I’ve had for maybe 2 and a half years. From waking up in the morning, to ticket confirmations, to mobile boarding passes, and of course mobile entertainment. Not to mention the somewhat forgotten features such as phone calls and text messaging. Now with a reputable 5.0 mp camera and HD video recording, and several options for either Audible or static GPS directions, a once cheesy and overused quip is slowly becoming a valid question, “Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?” Well it certainly won’t pay for your gas… or will it?

  • Burge

    There is not much the iPhone carnt do !
    But someone will think of something and we’ll all say I carnt believe I didn’t think if that
    ( don’t know what it is yet but iam still thinking ) This gadget has now set the standard for handheld devices and it will take some beating !

  • Ethan

    Well written man. The iPhone has increased the quality of every day life. That’s a fact.

  • Tony

    I can’t imagine life anymore without my iPhone.

    You wanted to know something the iPhone can’t do? Play WoW :). Although it can access certain feature of WoW… Oh well.

  • Ivana

    So true! I love it.

  • Pete

    The iPhone Revolution!
    Too good!

  • It can’t do Flash.. bwa ha ha…

    But seriously, yea, the iPhone has changed life as we know.. At least for me.. =)

    • Rizwan

      Yes it can! There’s an app called skyfire, and also another Cydia app which is off my mind at the moment

    • chuck

      It’s actually the same basic scenario, just streamlined into a single Cydia package for your downloading convenience by the GermanAustrian-based Applephiles at According to iThinkDiff, on your jailbroken iPhone 4, 3GS, or iPad:

      1. Open Cydia > Manage > Sources
      2. Edit source and add
      3. Search Frash and install it.

      And voila! Flash content should play to your heart’s desire (though you’ll need to tap the Flash component to get it to play). The whole thing takes just a few minutes, but won’t work on your 3G due to processor architecture incompatibility. As always, proceed with caution

  • brent

    The iPhone has indeed improved my quality of life, but in regard to the speaker…

    it was not made to enjoy music listening, and it never will be. It was made for speaker phone calling and for rings/alerts. A speaker that small cannot come close to producing a full range of frequencies. To expect it to do so is quite ridiculous.

    • Rizwan

      Once again, YES it can. Get a needle and pop open the speaker holes at the bottom. Just poke them and you’ll notice a HUGE difference! Only if you van trust me, works great with mine. I can listen to news/music clearly when I’m in the shower.

  • Lucky

    I don’t know. Either you really did all those or you’re just plainly creative. You have a blog, uses the iPhone a lot and went on a plane. Yet you forgot to take pics? Hrmm

    • Burge

      You need to read it again .. The bit about taking snapshots at 25000 feet

  • Rainrose

    My iPhone is my BFF! :p

  • amit

    wait your iPhone seems to have unlimited battery power!

    WTF! – how often did you need to charge?

  • Mac

    the iPhone does not scan your car to tell
    you what is wrong with the car
    I like to see the new cars able to tell what
    is wrong with them via notification email or text

  • Mac

    Or may be notify your michanic so
    he will give an idea about what is going on
    with your car

  • Z

    Even if there is something an iPhone CAN’T do, there will sure be an alternative. For example, an iPhone can’t give you a bj, but it can suit your need providing unlimited source of porn =)

  • Jason masters

    Streaming porn a must have and here’s your link

    • Burge

      And the app to download and save is called – downloads – but I can down load more then porn

  • @lucky I took many pictures on the trip, and actually an HD video or 2. I thought of the idea for the article that day though as I pulling my iPhone 4 out constantly for different things, and truthfully meant to take a bunch of screen shots in the different apps, just never did it! Sorry.

    @amit the new iPhone 4 has substantially better battery life than my previous iPhone 3G so it feels some times like it lasts forever. I think I remember charging late that night but didn’t think it was note worthy :op

    @Brent I agree, but what’s ridiculous is my motorola droid ( work phone) plays music so loud I can jam out in the shower and hear every word, but my Iphone I can’t even leave the faucet running while brushing my teeth if I want to hear the music. I’m not asking for 5.1 Dolby surround sound from the tiny speaker, just loud enough to provide descent music volume in case i don’t have one of my 50 iphone speaker-accessories around. Maybe my work phone just spoiled me in that respect, otherwise i probably wouldn’t be as disappointed in my iphone4 :o(

  • Ceto

    I agree, my whole family loves their iphone.
    It changed the world a bit.

  • ahmad

    Is there anything iPhone can’t do? Yes, it can’t delete a single call record from your recent call list out of the box, which almost every other mobile phone in thw world can do! I mean it’s just one…and the simplest of things.

    • Ethan

      Who’s call are you trying to hide?

    • Burge

      Yes you can it’s in cydia and it’s called
      – recent delete –

      • Ahmad

        I didn’t say a third party application cannot do it, I said iPhone can’t do it out of the box.

        And Mr Ethan I am not trying to hide a call. I own an iPhone and I love it. I was just highlighting a simple feature it lacks. Sometimes it’s over dependency on iTunes really posses me off though.

  • Jason masters

    Re: How to delete a single call on the iphone
    You can delete a Single call from apple iphone using third party application. But for that you must have a jailbroken apple iphone. you can install Moible log via installer. The MobileLog 3.0 Call and SMS Manager complements the iPhone standard application to manage incoming
    and outgoing calls and SMS. Practical design and user friendly interface make this application extremely
    popular among iPhone users. This component is of particular benefit not only to those who use the
    iPhone both for business and private purposes and maintain a large number of contacts, but also to
    regular users.

    MobileLog 3.0 offers new useful functions that are not available in the standard application:
    History of incoming and outgoing calls without limitation (only the last 100
    calls are shown on your iPhone by default);
    Grouping of incoming and outgoing calls by contact/person;
    Tracking of an individual call duration;
    Viewing of total number of calls and their duration;
    Viewing of an incoming and outgoing call duration by contact/person;
    Possibility to remove a record of a single call.
    Viewing incoming and outgoing SMS.
    Possibility to remove a single SMS.
    Notification functionality for missed calls and SMS.
    It helps you manage your calls/call duration/sms.

    you can get it here:

    • Rizwan

      Haha.. I have that bro. Works great, if Ur gf needs to look through your phone.

  • Jason masters

    Sorry it’s 4.0 now

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  • indianninja

    Most thing can be done with any other phone. What is the big deal?Mp3 player, rss reader, bluetooth a2dp, web browser,camera, calling , text message, email, movie playback, reminder , alarm.
    only two things that I do not know about are “mobile boarding pass”, and “bluetooth car rental from avis” but I think mobile boarding pass can be used on non iphones as well, and avis also rents cars without their app. Don’t know about avis much though. It do not work in India.Or at least I have not seen or heard .

    I really don’t get it what iphone does that other phones can NOT do by any means. Don’t say lots of apps. I want to know can an app let iphone do something that is impossible in other phone? Apart from ios or itunes?
    Like it can scan a document and make a pdf that other phone can not…

    Don’t get me wrong, but this is the question of all of us who don’t get the cause why it is special from other phones? Can something exceptional be done with it that other phones can not do?

  • chuck

    I love my iphone 4 but……It can’t love me back

  • I love the the Iphone 4 my life is on it my business,my mobile life.