CallTell is a new jailbreak app that will tell you who’s calling before your phone starts ringing. If the person who’s calling is in your contacts, it will just say his name. How cool is that? The app also works with text messages and can go as far as reading the text message to you!

CallTell only works on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. All options can be enabled/disabled within the

You can download CallTell from Cydia for $1.99. Tell us what you think about this app if you download it.

  • Nice. Might just do a test on this one. It’d be lovely if the voice sounded nothing close to a robot.

  • MacGregor Coolidge

    Not! A goog idea for the players.

  • MacGregor Coolidge

    Not! A good idea for the players.

    • Chris

      haha totally

  • Burge

    After reading this post I went and got this, this is so cool , this should be on the iPhone as standard

  • SoundsAV

    Its way too quiet, no way to turn it up but it works well…a womans voice like a GPS

    • The sound is tied to the sound of your iPod player. Open up your ipod app, crank up the sounds and then CallTell will be louder.

  • @Burge Would you mind doing a video review?

    • Burge

      I seen this, this morning uk time. I would but going away for along weekend. As of Thursday night.
      I can do it when I get back if you still wish ? But by then this would of been out for atleast 4/6 days. Please let me know ether way, thanks

  • Chazz

    sweet, though could be louder… doesn’t read other languages

  • Now if it could only have the conversation for me and report back with any important details. Add this new app to my list of reasons I’ll eventually jailbreak.

  • me

    I’m to cheap to pay for these sort of premium apps on cydia.

  • auaaaaaaa

    is there any way to fnd cracked cydia apps?

    • 1. Open Cydia
      2. Select “Manage” tab at bottom
      3. Select “Sources”
      4. Select “Edit”
      5. Select “Add”
      6. Type “”
      7. Select “Add Source”
      8. You’re Done

      To see all applications that have been cracked, view them through that source.

    • Updating post:

      6. Type: “

      • Burge

        Not in sinfull but it Is in
        1 xsellize
        2 macosmovil
        3 theiphonespotrepo
        And ofcause BigBoss ( paid version )

  • ery

    Agree with MacGregor, this was my concern. Agree with all the others, way to quiet to be useful. While it got the first name acurately enough it was a total fail on second names, but instead of saying it wrong it seemed to cut out instead.

  • Sam

    Anyone who’s not prepared to spend $1.99 for a phone app and is looking for cracked apps should have their iPhones repossessed

    • You miss the point. Cracked apps, plural, aren’t saught after for one app. Paying 1.99 repeatedly adds up. Plus were all too broke after buying the latest iphone every year. I’m quite sure the majority would agree.

      • Lucky

        Which is why many app devs are getting discouraged! What’s the point spending tons of hours just to hbe someone crack it and release it for free? I guess you know nothing about that! I wish I can come into your house and steal something in return.

      • den shal

        hes black of course he wants cracked apps

      • Burge

        @ den shal
        You should keep your views to your self. And not post on here if you think that what you put is ok !

      • rhoddy01

        Totally disagree. Your telling me you can’t afford two bucks? I believe they should all have a 2 week trial before you pay but c’mon, most of these apps are pretty cheap. My only concern is paying for a bunch of Jailbroken apps and then Apple implementing their security check to lock up jailbroken phones. I’d hate to lose my investment in the Jailbreak apps.

      • Sam

        Unfortunately I didn’t miss the point, perhaps you didn’t get it. Getting cracked apps is like stealing, if you justify that, I”ll leave it at that. No one really forces us to get new phones each year, we all want new toys so we should be prepared to buy whatever accessories that go along with it. If I can’t afford something I just don’t buy it, period.

  • bo bur

    i have bought this app, pretty much useless when you recive a call, it says *call from home* then your phone starts rining, a nd i dont see it working for text msgs,at all

    and if you want it to announce the name they have to be in your contacts

  • Burge

    Ofcause thay have to be in your phone book,

  • BiL

    bought the app (wishing there was a trial period, but hey, it’s only two bucks). unlike the other Cydia app I bought this one constantly crashed my iPhone 4 springboard. it’s not like I’m running a bunch of SB apps either, just SBSettings, IP Firewall, Action Menu, Folder Closer, Five Icon Dock and Five Icon Switcher. I had to uninstall it to restore functionality to my phone.

    I liked the voice but it did stutter a bit at the beginning announcement when loading the voice data.

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    I’m staying away from this one…
    For obvious reasons :0/

  • c0de_red

    “You have an incoming call from ‘Sancha'”


    lol if you a real player, you wouldn’t put another girls REAL name on your address book. Put it under a fake name.

  • Get with the times people. Sinful and xsellize are old school and are hardly updated. Sites are always down as well. Add these repos:

  • John

    Developers get effed over with cracked apps. You can afford an expensive smart phone with a data plan but you can’t afford $2 for an app? That’s a lie and even more so, a joke.

  • Max

    Currently in version 4.0 – its working fine!

  • james schimpf

    have 3gs with 5.1.1 and can not download app to phone… “AWWWW Shucks……”