If like me you get annoyed by folders staying opened after you launch and close an application from within this folder, then FolderCloser should be the right mod for you. Available for free in Cydia, FolderCloser will automatically close the opened folder at app launch. There are no settings or icon for this app. Just install it and your folders should now close by themselves.

  • Very pleased with this app, as it solves a very irritating thing for me

  • Eric

    I use categories sb. Like the icons and it loads 30 app folders faster. I wish categories folders stayed open after u close an app. I always have to reopen the damn folder. Don’t get why anyone would would want this. I think it’s a great feature. Most apps u use are in one folder. Oh well. Too each their own.

    • Z

      I remember there is an option in CategoriesSB, where you can enable the folder to remain open. Sorry, the iOS4 folders have replaced the need for Categories for me, so I’m not sure if that feature is still available. But look around in the folder settings, where you enable/disable title bar, etc.

      However, here is a list of tweaks that make me happy:

      1. Infinifolders – wish it was a little faster on loading folders, but I’m sure it is to come in the update since the tweak is new.
      2. FolderCloser – exactly what I was waiting for!
      3. Some folder/switcher themes (personally prefer clear folder without boarders)

  • VnABC

    Is there an AppCloser that I can use on my 3GS iOS 4? This would save some memory for my phone.

    • Andrew

      Since it’s not really multitasking, only stopping the app, does it really take up that much ram? I’m on iOS 4 with a 3GS too.

      • Z

        Use Kill Processes in SBSettings to free up memory. Also a lot of themes for ios4 are iphone4 oriented, so they use heavier graphics. I’ve played with a few themes and makes a difference in loading time and mem usage

    • Viraj

      Install remove background for sbsettings it will close the open apps at once. Or if dnt like multitasking at all, install remove multitasking for iOs4,

      Also, i think ‘backgrounder’ will give u a feature, which apps to stay enable or disable.

  • How do I download folder closer?? And will it mean me unlocking my phone, I’m on orange network!