If you feel like it has been months and months since the Beta iPhone app for popular on-demand music streaming giant Grooveshark was released, you are correct. However your patience has been well worth the wait. The application has officially hit the market and is available for free in the App Store, sort of.

Upon downloading the handy jukebox, you will be instantly granted a 30-day trial of the service. Once your month is up, the cost is only $3 a month, or $30 a year if you want to pony up 12 months off the bat. Honestly, that’s a great deal, especially if you compare it to similar services like MOG, or Rhapsody. The best part is you don’t even have to offer up a credit card to start jamming.

Just like web-based version, Grooveshark’s content is posted by the users themselves, thus the ability to find obscurities among the classics is usually painless. The ability to add search results to existing playlists, combined with a “genius” type predictor, works well when constructing the perfect variety.

Inevitably someone is going to compare the pennies a day price to the likes of free music streaming via Pandora, and ask why they should switch. I have a hard time believing anyone who has used both Grooveshark and Pandora would ask. Nevertheless, the ability to outright search for specific song titles and have them played on demand, is in itself worth the small stipend. Don’t believe me? Go use your free trial and get back to me.

  • It’s very disappointing this app doesn’t run in the background. Until it does, I think I’ll be staying with Pandora.

    • Z

      Pandora is FREE for 365days/year, not some 30 days. And the ads on the free version are barable. Pandora is the way to go! =)

  • David

    Sebastien: have you tried running the web-based version of grooveshark on your iphone 4? If you have Frash installed, then I assume it should work… for free.

  • Ethan

    Holy Smokes! I didn’t even test it’s backgrounding capabilities, just assumed that would be part of the after all this time in Beta mode. Apparently taking this ability for granted, even with a company as legit as
    Grooveshark is still to optimistic. My bad, but Grooveshark’s bigger bad. They better update
    soon if they expect people to pay.

  • Ghettocowboy

    Just bought a $300 pair of earphones (Grado GR8). Now if I can get more life out of my iPhone 3GS by making it plays Flac files. I tried zodplay but it doesn’t work on 3.12 firmware. Any1 knows any apps out there allowing iphone to play flac files? otherwise I have to retire my iphone

  • Ghettocowboy

    NVM, I guess I dont have a choice but to use Apple Lossless ALAC.