Most of you who jailbroke their iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe lost their MMS and FaceTime capability. I just found out about a fix thanks to Krapps and Branden3112.

To fix your MMS and FaceTime issue, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Cydia and add this source:
  • Once this source has been added, install “iPhoneDelivery” from it.
  • Reboot your iPhone
  • Go to Settings > Phone > Turn FaceTime ON
  • Done!

Thanks Branden for the  trick!

This is not an “official” fix from the Dev Team but I tried it myself and I can tell you it works. The Dev Team is still working on a fix that will most likely be available via Cydia.

If you use JailbreakMe now, you shouldn’t have any problem as it’s been updated to fix the issue. If you can’t wait for the official fix and if you don’t want to try this unofficial fix, you can always restore, and jailbreak again with the updated JailbreakMe.

  • Straegle

    Hell yeah!! Worked perfect!!!

  • Chris

    What’s the point nothing from Cydia installs or works on iPhone 4. I tried

  • The warranty-voiding jailbreak process allows users to run software not approved by Apple, which has no plans to allow users to install third-party applications downloaded from outside its sanctioned App Store. Third-party companies like ifunia created their owm custom applications from their online store and an alternative storefront known as Cydia. I’m glad to try it for my iphone 4, as I have done on my 3gs.

  • jason masters

    installous works verified by me on two iphone 4s!

  • shinobi89


  • Marcus H

    Worked perfectly thanks a million. I am running ios 4.0 on 3GS new bootrom.

  • Charlie

    Hey Sebastian! Quick question… do you think its ok if I use JailBreakMe on my JUST GOT YESTERDAY IPHONE 4…on iOS 4, then I install AppSync from cydia, restore my iPhone’s music and apps, and when its all done… Install 4.0.1?



    i now have theise queer emoticons that will not disable lol


    nvm going into cydia and uninstalling this package fixes the issue with the emotiqueers and still fixes the mms issues too (3gs 4.0.1)

  • caddouch

    @Sebastian , confirmed it is working , do u know of a hack that allow tethering , handylight doesnt seem to work forme , please advise ,thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    So it hasn’t been fixed officially yet then? Will a post be made when it is? I’ve been waiting for this forever but don’t want a workaround even if it works. I want it the full 100% thing

  • The MMS issue automatically dissappears when you do an “ESSENTIAL UPDATE” on Cydia. This is a beautiful way to JB!

  • Karlos

    Cydia fixed. Once loaded it asks you to do a complete update via cydia. Mms fixed. All seems less buggy.

  • William

    I have a 3GS and used the updated software and when I updated Cydia it didnt fix my MMS… I have the 4.0.1 update….

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Running iOS4.0 on phone here. Question is that since i4s have tethering available by default and have data plans for it, will i still be charged for tethering from AT&T for using MyWi?

  • brent

    I have the same question as SoCoMagNum. Sebastien, have you used MyWi successfully with your jailbroken iPhone 4? Or anyone else?

  • Thank u so mush worked like a charm

  • WOW!


  • Goofygreek

    I had this issue. But what I did was just restore my phone from the latest backup and it didn’t kill my jailbreak so everything works just fine now. Might be just my luck. iPhone 4 on 4.0

  • blue

    Just a heads up. After the jailbreak i lost facetime and MMS. I restored through itunes and neither were back. I tried to restore the phone 3 times with no avail. Finally had to use the fix listed in this blog. Any ideas why restoring didn’t restore the 2 programs?

  • What if you do not have Cydia?

    I am using iphone 3g OS 3.0, had MMS but had to replace the battery, reinstalled OS 3.0 because I see no reason to update to 4. My old laptop crashed so using a new computer and downloaded iTunes 9.2.5 and restored phone to 3.0 OS and everything returned when I restored from backup except MMS.

    iTunes 9.2.5 does not allow installation of carrier settings, only ipsw files show in the file name. Resetting carrier settings does not work because I do not have 3.1+ OS

  • peiwen

    I jail break my phone, and I found out that I lost my MMS function!
    After that, I restore my iphone and upgraded it to 4.0.2 accidentally!
    I cannot jail break and go back to Cydia anymore.. but I still cannot MMS! How can I get back my MMS function??

    I really hope somebody can help me on this!!!!


    • HAAAOO

      TO: PEIWEN – 1.connect your devise to I-tunes ones on your phone name at the left kolone. 3.klick on Restore under “Version”. you will now be asked if you want to back up the settings for your Iphone. It is a good Idea to klick at “Back Up”, then klick “Restore”! from here you just have to follow the isntructions poping up on the screen!

    • emo

      this same exact thing happened to me somebody plz help

  • emo

    haooo i have the same problem as peiwen

  • Raks


    I have a jailbroken iphone 4.0 with 4.0.1 installed. My MMS, Facetime and camera feature in Photos app has disappeared. I have tried several times the iphonedelivery Cydia hack. Uninstall and reinstalled several times still no luck bringing back any Camera featured apps. Please HELP! Look through many forums no solution.

    • Whistler

      This fix still does not work. I have an iPhone 4.0 with ios4.0.1. I’m still missing FT and the camera function from sny camera app is not available. Tried several times to uninstall/install ipjonedelivery from the custom cydia source we no luck. Help! I know I’m not the only one.

  • Mantu

    thnaks it perfectly works :))

  • Raj

    Dunno how everybody is happy cuz mine ain’t working still.. Wat do I do? I still can’t see the FaceTime in the setting panel of my iPhone 4

  • gerrit

    The problem is iphonedelivery, remove iphonedelivery reboot and activate facetime. After activation FT install iphonedelivery again….

  • Rol

    Is there a jailbreak for4.1

  • Simonb337

    Can anyone tell me how to update my whole cydia app

  • I tried the iphonedelivery it’s doesn’t work my mms not working what else I could try? Please help