The guys over at Make It Work were lucky enough to sit down with Saurik, the developer of Cydia, for a few minutes and talk to him about the current iPhone 4 jailbreak situation.

Saurik confirmed that an iPhone 4 jailbreak will be released in the near future, and that Comex, MuscleNerd, and PlanetBeing are working hard on it.

Getting Saurik on video is a pretty rare event so I suggest you check it out.


  • Mr_O_So_Frustrated

    Im Tired of all of this Teaser JailBroken iPhone 4 News! REEEEEEEEEELLEEAAASEEE ALREADY FCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?

    @ mr o so
    did not hear what was siad. The jailbreak at the mo is done manually not auto so unless you know how I think itis best to wait for a auto jailbreak. I wont one just as much as the next chap. So come on dev team sort it out, please !

  • Jason masters

    Saurik needs to trim those nails sheesh no offense he may be a genius but would it kill him to cut a nail or two lol!

    Also the Marines taught us never to trust a man who has long nails.

  • fadi

    I find it incredibly ironic that there’s an ad for “Automatic iPhone Unlocker” right next to Saurik’s video…..everything that the iPhone dev-team HATES! lol

  • Ifonechip

    These teaser videos and tweets on twitter is wearing out. If there is a jailbreak bring it on.
    These guys are to smart to not have this done already. Before the iphone4 came out that’s all we heard about was that there is a JB for the new IOS and it will be ready shortly after the phone release. Now what happen the phone has been out for a month and no JB. Those guys are full of it sitting on the JB .

  • N8