We saw before that it is possible to opt out of targeted iAds. But what if you don’t want to have any iAd at all on your iPhone? You guessed it, there’s an app for that…

Don’t even waste your time looking in the App Store because you won’t find anything there. However, if your iPhone is jailbroken, head over to Cydia and add the following repo: http://apt.macosmovil.com/

When you’re done, search for iAdKiller on Cydia and install the app. Finally, reboot your iPhone or iPod Touch, and voila!

Obviously, iAdKiller is for iOS 4.X and will only work on jailbroken iDevices. Now enjoy your iAd free iPhone!

Thanks Ydro for the tip.

  • bigsneakyninja

    Thankyou Seb…
    your a life saver! ^^

  • fevin

    I cannot wait for the new spirit jailbreak!!!

  • Mac

    Will it work on earlier versions?

  • Nomad

    “Mac said:
    Will it work on earlier versions?”

    “Obviously, iAdKiller is for iOS 4.X and will only work on jailbroken iDevices. “

  • Kathy Goodman

    Tried to add the repo and I get the error message that it can’t find the repo. I found the iAdKiller app okay. Now what?

  • qwerty

    this one doesnt work for me i did exactly as told but still i see ads in the free programs i download from the app store.. how can i get rid of those plz?

  • repo does work

  • James

    It’s in Spanish, but it works.

  • Joe

    Everything was loaded correctly but the ads are still there. Help?

  • Fr3$h

    iads NOT KILLEd in ios 4.3.2 mobileRSS lite and when closed, iads still displayed for some reason

  • ismail

    c koi IAD svp

  • ismail

    wat IDA

  • Steve J

    I am running iOS 4.33 and it doesn’t work unfortunately. 🙁

  • you can just visit over safari on iphone http://oo.apple.com to get rid of them thats all no need for apps…

  • Lami

    Hi Sebastian,
    please help me here. When I jailbreak with Redsn0w I keep on getting API error with my installous.
    However, when I jailbreak using jailbreakme.com I don’t get the same problem; my installous works okay.
    However, when using jailbreakme, my Iphone freezes when ever I receive message via Bitesms.
    I can not reboot jailbreakerme compare to when I use Redsnow. Any advice please.

  • Lami

    Hi Peeps;

    Which is better? 3G Unrestrictor or My3G.


  • Lami

    API problem solved. Jailbreakerme not to be use with Bitesms for now.

    Many thanks

  • Robin

    Doesnt work, just tested it out.

  • Steve

    1337inside: THANKYOU! http://oo.apple.com worked just fine for me.

  • Joe Bobbins

    Disabling iAds is illegal and is terrible for the developers.