Asked if Apple will change the future design of the iPhone antenna, Steve replied:

We’re still working on this, we’re happy with the design. We’re getting a lot of reports from customers that it’s way better than the 3GS. I don’t know what our next antenna design will be — maybe our wizards in the antenna lab will come up with something better. But looking at the data, we don’t think we have a problem.

Does it answer the question? Not really. Only time will tell.

  • VnABC

    “we don’t think we have a problem.” This is totally BS

  • blockhead

    “we don’t think we have a problem.” But we will give you any damn case, bumper and/or money to shut your mouth… All the Apple fanboys say yeah!!!

    100% sure they will change the iPhone 4 antenna design.

    This is the best case of “if it ain’t broke why fix it”? Not!!!

  • E

    My iPhone 4 is perfect and reception is better then ever. And the noise cancellation is incredible. The Phone is incredible. There really os no problem. If you held the phone in the death grip and tried to talk on the phone your hand would be jammed into your cheek. It’s just not an issue. Plus I don’t lose any bars. Oh well. Haters are haters.

  • Nate

    They should just put that band that causes trouble if touched to the top because not that many people put there hand over the top but a lot put it on the side

  • Ghettocowboy

    oh c’mmon people, wake up, I am sure you are smarter than that
    Nothing is wrong to be a fan boy, but be a smart fan boy.

    You dont have any problems with your iPhone 4 does not mean your iPhone 4 doesn’t have any problems. Just that you haven’t encountered one yet

    Or I could be wrong, you are not smart enough to recognize any problems. Here is an advice for you if you are in this group of “not so smart”: start deciding on what color of bumper you like to make your iphone 4 looks beautiful.

  • Robman

    If they do change the design midstream, would the honor us returning the old design for the improved model?

  • Mariano Jorge Fainstein

    The fact of the matter is that for two antennas there has to be two “discontinuities” (alias strips), the one on the upper side is OK, the one on the left lower corner (looking in front of the screen) should be displaced a little bit further away to the same corner but right (on the left hand side) under the bottom of the device. That’s it guys!.