iTunesApple just released iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. This software update is said to fix the antenna issue which is supposedly related to a bad math formula regarding the the display of the iPhone’s service signal bars.

At the same time, Apple also updated iOS 3.2.1 for iPad.

As always when a new firmware comes out, it is highly recommended you DO NOT update if you rely on a jailbreak or unlock. Updating your device might prevent you from jailbreaking or unlocking it in the future.

You can download the new firmwares from our iPhone downloads section.

  • Z

    Jailbreak/Unlock – here it comes! Can’t wait to see my 3gs running os4 with cydia. PlanetBeing and MuscleNerd, we have faith in you guys and the rest if the dev team.

  • Nick

    I’m waiting on Spirit’s 4.0 jailbreak for all devices. From what I’ve read, it should be soon.

  • Nick

    Also…is the Dev-Team the group responsible for RedSn0w? I’m new to the jailbreaking community and don’t know who’s jailbreak program is whose, lol.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    im wondering if its fine to update to 4.0.1 for iPhone 4. I havent been able to jailbreak it yet. you think that spirit’s jailbreak will still work with new update or will they have to code again?

  • Lukeluke

    they are not releasing the jb until september, until they release 4.1.0.
    the point is, we have to wait for another month.

  • Gayan

    Ok if this update fix the antana issue which I don’t have:) all the whiners and the iPhone 4 bashers will hide in their closests .
    Then android dudes won’t have anything to argue about eventually they also eye for a iPhone 4 or maybe 5 🙂
    As I said before my iPhone 4 has no issues with it at the moment, personally I think the antana issue is just a network issue. Or software issue

  • It is said to most likely be a hardware issue, however Apple is holding a conference tomorrow so it should be interesting to see what goes on.

  • Z

    @Lukeluke Where do you get your info? And what makes you think that dev team won’t release the jb till the 4.1 update? And who said that apple will release 4.1 in September or any time before that?

    I doubt they have to rewrite the jb soft since the update hasn’t changed anything for pwnage tool and iPhone 3g is still jailbreakable. But I can be wrong.

  • Lok

    I think I read that 4.1 is coming in sept in iclarified.
    And they are afraid that 4.1 will patch the jb. Since 4.0.1 does not hv much changes, they might wait til sept.
    Unofficial source, hope it’s not true @Z.

  • Z

    I sure hope so too. It doesn’t make sense to me, that’s all. They already have the jb and unlock ready. Thought this current update was exactly what everyone was waiting for. I was also expecting the JB to be released almost simultaniously with apple’s update. Now that the conference will take place tomorrow, I presume the jb will be officially available to public shortly after.

    Once again, I can be very very wrong. Just expressing my thoughts on the topic.

  • Nick

    Does jailbreaking do anything to the baseband? And if it does, is this harmful to the phone? If it’s changed, can you change it back?

  • griff

    i have a 3gs and i updated it to 4.0 and when i did, i lost my ability to go on the internet outside of wifi(no celluar network data) and i lost my pic messaging, i checked and it wasnt the plan i was on because all of that worked fine before i updated, and yes , my iphone was jailbroken before i updated.
    please help

  • Z

    @Nick Baseband is not changed by a jailbreak, it is updated by Apple to prevent further unlocks. You should google the terms to get detailed explanation on “how to eat it and what to eat it with” =)

    @Griff try resetting your network Settings->General->Reset:
    If that doesn’t help , try a complete restore of your phone rather than update. Don’t forget to back everything up before restoring. Hope the first sollution helps though.

  • griff

    thanks and reset all, or just network?

  • Z

    Try resetting your network settings first obviously, and if that doesn’t resolve your wifi and mms issues, then try a complete restore.