For those of you wondering, yes, the Dev Team is still working on an iPhone 4 unlock. These 2 tweets from MuscleNerd and PlanetBeing just confirmed that they are actively working on the unlock, which doesn’t seem to be an easy task.

Having fun on iPhone4 baseband with @planetbeing…step 1: arbitrary code exec…done. (LOTS of steps left tho!)less than a minute ago via web

Even though Apple has been working hard on patching the holes, it’s good to see that PlanetBeing has a whole “bag of tricks”.

Apple added an anti-blacksn0w trick this time around. 😉 i have an ever-growing bag of tricks though, wrapped in a nice python script.less than a minute ago via web

There is no ETA for an iPhone 4 unlock, or even a jailbreak, which seems to be the priority.

  • John

    I miss SBS settings the most; my finger still wants to sweep across the top of the screen to turn bluetooth on and off. MyFi, too, but I just transferred that to my iPad.

  • Sy cook

    I’m checking this blog daily waiting for iPhone 4 unlock day… Hope it’s not too long.

  • Straegle

    Come on iPhone 4 jailbreak!!
    Keep it up!

  • Yave

    I cant wait what new possibilities for developer of jailbreak community …the new hardware will bring new possabilities

  • AB

    Hi Guys can any one advise me if a jailbreak & unlock for iPhone 3GS is available for windows… Thanks..!!!

  • AB

    Sorry… Forgot to mention the jailbreak & unlock for 3gs on iOS 4, on windows….


  • Chris

    Yes there is, only if you have your 3.1.2 shsh. Check out fsmdotcom and look for snowbreeze. There is lots to do though and it’s a tertherad jailbreak

  • Confused

    I would mArry those guys, but my wife would get mad…!

  • sunny

    i m checking blogs and articles everyday
    just waiting for unlock of iphone 4

    guys do it this time

    again 🙂

  • Pn2bade

    I too am excitedly waiting for an iPhone 4 jailbreak. Unfortunatly though, you have to keep in mind that once a jailbreak is available, we all have to wait for the apps to be uploaded. I am going to guess that in a month and a half the jailbreak willbe released and most apps that are still being worked on will be fully compatible with the iPhone 4.

  • I sell unlocked iPhone 4’s in Canada.

  • Philip

    I miss the MyFI 3G….. I hope for a jailbreak soon!

  • Keith

    Ok so this is what I got from a source within Apple. I was informed that if you go the First batch of iPhones that were released (You recieved your phone on the 23rd) then your iPhone 4 Is already unlocked. However if you got your phone on the 24th from a store They are not unlocked. To check this I cut a Tmobile sim and yes I did get one of the Factory unlocked ones. This was due to an error in Apple we got the phones that were ment to go to Europe which are Unlocked when they are shipped. To test your phone get a crappy prepaid t-mobile sim and cut it into a micro sim and try, worst case you paid for a prepaid sim that you can’t use.

  • sunny

    u r one lucky guy
    i also got on 23rd
    and mine in locked and i checked that the day i got it

    when i put the sim its says Invalid Sim

    and one of my frz is frz is in Dev team and he said that they almost got the unlock for iphone 4
    and they might release it by 10th
    and just keep ur fingers crossed

  • Jason

    How about unlock for 3.1.3??Are they working on that too??

  • sunny

    unlock 3.1.3 will never come
    cause unlock of iOS4 is out for 3g and 3gs

  • Chris

    Ultrasnow will unlock 3.1.3 it unlocks about 4. Basebands now

  • Aliasgar

    from the above blogs it seems that the iphones shipped on 23rd were unlocked ones , can i know what was the box packing details , did it mentioned at&t apart from the apple .


  • Lucas

    Ultrasnow do the 3.1.3 if i remember right even ios 4 i think … Everithing exept IPHONE 4 unlockable now….,

  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • Jason

    @sunny..but musclenerd has mentioned in his twitter there will be an unlock for 3.1.3 release in june but it is july already and still no news..

  • Sunny

    Ya cause he was not expecting 3.1.3 with the baseband update
    But 3.1.3 came with new baseband
    So he had to write the whole new script
    And then they thought to offer jailbreak for 4 rather than 3.1.3

  • qamal…

    hey unlock for 3.1.3 already release by devteam,,just jb ur device using spirit and then look for ultra snow in cydia..u must add a new repo for do that,,i forgot whta,,and then install bammm there u go…fully mine yuhuuuuuuuuuuu