We all know yesterday’s iPhone 4 pre-orders were a real fiasco that led to the first iPhonecalypse. After hours spent on Apple’s website I finally successfully pre-ordered an iPhone 4 to be delivered on June 24th.

Something tells me that not everyone was lucky as I was and I’d like to get a better idea of how things went for all of you.

Please take a few seconds to answer this poll. If you feel like it, also leave a comment to give us more information about your experience.

  • Rip

    It was a breeze for me here in the UK. Pre-ordered through Apple.

    The confirmation email took a while but it says ‘to be delivered on 24 June’.

  • jeremy williams

    Apple Store iPhone app worked like a charm! Didnt get a chance to connect to AT&T, but who cares, the Apple Store in Carlsbad, CA will have my two units waiting for me on the24th!

  • Rainrose

    The reason I didn’t preorder was I wanted the white iPhone 4 and they don’t have it yet. I’m going to wait for it. 🙂

  • Iphonerd

    Didn’t order bcs of high cost (early upgrade 600bucks) waiting for Canada release (factory unlocked) 🙂 it would be definitely worth waiting :p

  • james

    Had only a couple of hiccups then i was in ,,,Here in Ca, I pre ordered at 4:30 am est time.

  • KP

    It took me forever from the time I tried at 9AM. Tried back again throughout the day and finally my pre-ordered went through at 4:35PM. Didn’t get Apple’s Order Confirmation email til 8:46PM. The best part was that I am still schedule for June 24 delivery 😀

  • I30project

    Got mine around 3:30 PM cdt – hope they stick to the shipping schedule – I need it!

  • Sku

    Well, actually it takes me just only 30 minutes because I booked my iP4 in Japan by using Softbank online shopping service. But they do not tell me when can I have my Iphone. They said as a Japanese style: It’s depend on stock, we will inform when ever we have more information. Sorry for any trouble may cause. 🙁

    Hope they could be ship on 24-Jun 🙁

  • Givemeabailout

    I gave up with the web site after 5 hours. I had to go into the AT&T store at lunch. Their systems were slow there too. The rep told me that AT&T had the entire country on 1 team server processing in store orders. After 4 years AT&T just don’t get it. I sure hope sprint picks up the iPhone I would pay $1000.00 to get out from under AT&T

  • Eben

    After having it fail a few times, I wrote recorded a script using CoScripter, which automated the process. After that, it only took me 22 tries to get through!

  • Lucas

    It took about 4 hours of trying on Apple’s site and then tried on AT&T’s site and finally got it to go thru at about 11:30am CST. Ugh.