Failure to Launch: iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Create the First iPhonecalypse

Failure to Launch the iPhone 4

If you tried to pre-order your iPhone 4 today, you probably encountered difficulties, namely, Apple’s or AT&T’s website timing out and giving you various errors. Some early reports say these issues were even worse than a movie featuring Matthew MacConaughey.

It got so bad that at some point during the day both Apple and AT&T shut down parts of their websites, bringing the world to face the very first iPhonecalypse.

So what the heck happened?

What happened is that AT&T’s servers were not ready to receive such a massive amount of traffic and simply went down. You might have been on Apple’s website and have an error message. Well, the error message wasn’t Apple’s fault. It came from Apple because their website wasn’t getting any response from AT&T, thus returning an error message.

Should we blame AT&T?

I love to be the devil’s advocate so I’ll say yes AND no.

Yes we should blame AT&T becaus


  1. Seems like it is working now. A few people I know have also been able to reserve. Mine worked at about 515et

  2. I think hilarious. I want to know how many reserves were made today. Find out please :-p
    I know it was more than the evo 4g, you know the iPhone killer. Lmao

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