Marijuana iPad

Do you want an iPad so bad that you’re willing to do anything to get one? If so, don’t be as stupid as 20-year old Jacob Walker who published an ad on Craigslist offering a quarter of chronic and an iPod Touch in exchange for a 32GB iPad.

As if the description of the ad wasn’t enough, Walker also added a picture to his listing, which is probably what caught the local police’s attention… After setting up a fake meeting with Walker, the cops arrested him and his buddy.

One question remains though: if the weed was that good, why didn’t walker ask for a 64GB iPad 3G. We might never know. [via AZ Family]

  • Alex

    Some people are just stupid! Just because is Craigslist doesn’t mean that the cops aren’t monitoring that kind of shit! This is just like that joke you hear about the idiot that called the cops because someone stole his weed……YEAH, this is properly the same guy!..LOL

  • Burge

    If he’s got that much weed, he’s might be growing it, why not sell it to get the cash for the ipad. Bet he was high as kite when he did the ad and thought it was a good idea.

  • Brian

    Now thats hilarious. Ever heard of the Darwin Awards? They come out once per year and list the dumbest of all dumb things people have done….This guy should at least be nominated but has has no chance of winning as there are some real idiots out there that do some incredibly stupid things.

    I have somebody (I dont know the person, but it is 2 miles from my house so it sort of caught our attention ;>)…..) that should be nominated.

    Just about 1.5 miles away there is a large 4000sqft home….The house is actually about .75 miles from a local police station, or 3/4 of a mile.

    The ENTIRE friggin house was a very elaborate ‘grow factory’..the ‘real deal’…..Long story short…..Some guys broke in to the house..the owner (who was running the ‘grow house’) jumped out a window and ran down to the police station…bursted in and said “some guys just broke in to my house right up the road…I jumped out the window and came right here…please get over there right away”..They obliged….Nobody was there as the robbers left, but quite obviously, they did arrest the owner who is the one who told the police to go there while knowing what they would find…..The weird thing about this is it wasnt just some small operation…this was a HUGE and elaborate operation….and the guy obviouslly got busted and is looking at some very long jail time as the police found more then the illegal plant..lots of cash, weapons and other drugs…..

    Pretty crazy…but very true.

  • Polemicist

    @Brian Darwin Awards are for people who have killed themselves in stupid ways. This dude is a Moron Awards candidate.

    I wouldn’t be giving up my iPad for even a kilo of weed and an iPod. Maybe the dude shouldn’t have bought that quarter and maybe he could afford one. Probably needed to be stoned to use it though. ;/

    I’m actually amused by the hacked jennifer zuluaga account above me. A Google search shows that name has quite a few social networking accounts so her boyfriend might have a bit of an issue with her right now. LOL… Dude that is lame…

  • And I thought weed dealers were supposed to be smart.