Comex, the guy behind the Spirit jailbreak, recently posted this video on YouTube showing an iPhone running Flash. We don’t have any additional information about this.

When you see what a great job Comex was able to do with Spirit, I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves to run Flash on the iPhone.

Comex is not the only one working on porting Flash to iOS. Chris Smoak recently unveiled SmokeScreen, a workaround that will allow you to play Flash content on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Eric

    Apple app store approved cloudbrowse. It blows. But this guy behind spirit I will give him a chance.

  • Alex

    Why is the video so crappy? Was this mad inside a Texas Tech electrical closet or something? I would of figure someone that can create something like Spirit and finally be able to port flash to the iPhone can create a decent video but I guess I’m being mean again…I don’t know!

    Another thing, why doesn’t he go to safari and try out flash? It seems like he clicks on an app or something….anyone see this or is it just mean?

  • Lizzie Borden

    @Alex – I completely agree… For someone who can create Spirit, how hard is it to get a decent video, unless it is obscured for a reason.

  • JailBait

    Is he working on a 9.2 compatible spirit?