Wi-Fi Sync is a new application available in Cydia that enables seamless wireless syncing between your iPhone and iTunes.

You may have heard of this application before. It made the headlines a couple weeks ago when it was submitted to the App Store. Obviously it wasn’t approved by Apple and it now is on Cydia for everyone to enjoy.

To have Wi-Fi Sync work, you will have to download the $9.99 app and also the free software for Mac OS X. A Windows version should be available soon.

Wi-Fi Sync works with the iPhone and iPod Touch but it doesn’t work with the iPad.

Thanks Alex for the tip.

  • Alex

    No problem Sebastien! I’ll keep submitting you tips! I just hope you don’t write another article on pink winterboard themes…LOL…..Keep the good work up dude!

  • I saw some pictures on Twitter of iPad and Wi-Fi Sync so it works but maybe not for all …

  • Alex

    @ El Aldio….Yeah it works but just not for Windows users yet! I tired it out on my Mac last night but Greg Hughes (The Developer) hasn’t release the Windows version yet. He hasn’t hint at any release date either so my best guess is that it will properly get release in about a week or so.

  • A welcome feature that Apple should implement them self.
    They probably rejected it so they can implement it and call it their own.

    Anyway it is a nice feature, but not worth $9.99, I have paid for Cydia apps, but it has been minor amounts, to risky to pay big amounts for features that require your phone to be jailbroken.

  • Alex

    Well like all new Mods/Hacks/Apps…when they first come out is higher than normal Mods/Hacks/Apps. Just look at when a new game system comes out….is usually anywhere from 250 dollars to 400 dollars, but after a while they start to come down on the price.

    @Eldaria…my advice to you is to wait until they come down on the price if you think is too high. You are going to pay a higher price for the fact that you’re getting it right now as to having to wait 2 months for it.

    All and all, this app is awesome for the simple fact that I don’t have to leave my iPhone next to the computer while is syncing…I can take it to the kitchen…back bedroom or anywhere within my wifi range.

  • Alex, I agree.

    I think it is an great feature, and I wil probably get it if it comes down in price.

  • Apple I device lover

    Nice app just a bit too expensive price needs to come down as we all know that jb is risky and you can lose all your apps etc and also your jb

  • Yeah I agree Eldaria this looks like a cool app, but the price really needs to come down. $9.99 I think thats a little too pricey especially for Cydia Store.

  • I’d pay 3.99 for this if it worked on windows. But not 9.99

  • NoahFence

    Way cool app… WAY greedy price!!!

  • Its Good.

  • Juan

    I’m don’t sweat spending money on apps but this app is not worth the price tag. Nice idea though….

  • Patrick

    For those of you who installed wifi sync on your iphone and PC / Mac be careful because it might not let you restore. Itunes will get stuck on about 99% of completion and iphone at 60%. All you need to do is uninstall wifisync from your pc / Mac, reboot and try again 🙂 should work

  • Evoss

    its crap doesnt work on 4.3.3 pi 4

  • Sipod

    Tried to get it to work for the last 2 months now and all that happens when I open it on my phone is it just closes straight away. tried reloading etc etc. tried to email the help folk , still no joy.