Happy New Year everyone!!!

It seems that the best thing to do to start the year off right is to make resolutions. So I sat down with my iPhone and asked him what were his resolutions. Here is what he said:

  1. I will not allow cracked applications to run on my OS.
  2. I will not freeze or crash.
  3. I will change my root password so hackers can’t get into me.
  4. I will keep my jailbreak and unlock for as long as I can.
  5. I will lose weight. Goal is to lose 50 MB of apps I don’t use.
  6. I will try to get in touch with my cousin Android.
  7. I will learn something new (ie. how to run apps in the background).
  8. I will get organized. I might even install PogoPlank.

What are your iPhone resolutions?

  • Darq

    Get a flash for the camera.

  • fdsa

    I refuse to speak to AT&T ever again.

  • I will not lose coverage in the most obvious of CBD areas surrounded by phone towers (Thxs Optus)

    I will not crash. period.

    I will feel outdated around June when my master Jobs gives birth to another iPhone creation.

  • make my battery last longer?

  • David

    I’ll finally get my head around multi tasking.. I believe it’ll happen to me in June!

  • Wize

    50mb? Man, my iPhone needs to lose several *gigs* of app weight.

  • Dylan

    luky iphone 3g and 3gs users. runnin your ten apps at a time without crashing. :/
    my ipod only has 65 tp 70MB of RAm u got like 250MB or close to it