According to what Boy Genius Report found in their logs, it seems that Apple has been field testing 2 new iPhone OS.

The first one is iPhone OS 3.1.3, which should be made available pretty soon. I don’t think any major features will come with 3.1.3 and the usual “bug fixes” are expected.

The second and most important is the discovery of iPhone OS 4.0. We won’t see iPhone OS 4.0 until the new iPhone comes out sometimes in June or July next year but it’s interesting to see that Apple is already working on it. I guess these iPhone 4G rumors are not rumors anymore…

I looked at my logs and couldn’t find any track of an iPhone OS 4.0. I guess Apple engineers aren’t reading this blog 😉
  • Justin

    There goes Apple again…. They’re rushing a new update…. baseband update

    iPhone OS 3.1.3 will be a lot bigger than it looks like. Baseband update…. No WiFi fixes (I studied this field of why this is happening and I know why and it requires a update)


  • David

    Why does it need an update? I won’t be updating to 3.1.3 or any update unless it adds a lot of features, more than what i already have jail broken.

  • Dylan

    interestsing. baseband update, wifi bugs probably, and it will stop the jailbreak yet again. i bet

  • dan

    no need to update anything.

  • Sure we may not need it but it’s sure to make BlackRa1n unusable, so any new phones sold will need a different fix.

  • Dylan

    Gonna suck to hav to wait to update or jailbreak
     ……….(>”)>’\.-.\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  • iPhone 3GS

    Not going to bother with 3.1.3 unless it adds a new feature (like that Radio feature that has been rumored). Not worth it for a BB update and some bug fixes. I’ll wait for 3.2 or 4.0.

  • Dylan

    @ iPhone 3GS
    Very good point lol