GeoHot, the little genius behind BlackRa1n is back at work and is reportedly working on an unlock for baseband 05.11.07. Baseband 05.11.07 is the latest baseband version of the iPhone OS 3.1.2 which is not unlockable for the time being.

The Dev Team has been working on unlocking 05.11.07 for a while without much success so let’s hope GeoHot will be a bit more lucky…

There is something that ticks me though. At first GeoHot said he would not work on an unlock for 05.11.07. Fastforward 24 hours later and GeoHot changed his mind when he was offered $10,000 by Jody Sanders to develop an unlock for the latest iPhone OS.

For those of you who don’t know Jody Sanders, he’s some asshole from the UK selling the jailbreaks and unlocks developed by the Dev Team to people who don’t know better. Yes, this guy sells jailbreaks and unlocks people can get for free. The Dev Team wrote about him a few months ago and said:

Seems like “Jody Sanders” of the West Midlands, UK (who we mentioned in our release post) is at it again and is stealing our work and passing it off as his own, he has done this before and this scam was reported by the Guardian and also by on this blog last year and was also covered in a very very long thread over at hackint0sh forums.

We specifically restrict the commercial use of our software, and yellowsn0w is included in these restrictions. This dodgy geezer is selling our software to you at a bargain £19.99 he says:-

So Jody Sanders offered $10,000 to GeoHot to sponsor an unlock by GeoHot and I think this is really wrong. It is not wrong to get paid for your hard work. It is actually a good thing to do. I don’t work for free and I don’t expect others to do it either.

What I think is wrong is that GeoHot will be working for Sanders, a scammer who’s been ripping people off for a while. As if it wasn’t enough,  GeoHot is getting all cocky about it and pretends he can find an exploit in 24 hours.

Yesterday I put GeoHot on the spot by asking him on Twitter why he changed his mind:

@geohot You say the 10k aren’t the reason but yet, you didn’t want to work on 05.11.07 48h ago. Something clearly made you change your mind

I didn’t expect him to reply anything at all but he did reply the following:

@SebastienPage the fact that i have to wait two days for a new logic analyzer

Not a very useful reply but at least he didn’t ignore me…

I’m not a big fan of GeoHot. He sure is a genius but the kid is way too cocky, pretentious and has no ethic. So much for the community! The Dev Team is most likely really pissed at him too but can’t really raise their voice because they need his genius…

What do you think of this situation? Do you approve GeoHot working for a scammer?

  • iphoneR


    Geohot is releasing an unlock for iPhone Baseband Version 05.11.07 on 3/11/2009.
    Does this mean if I have Bootloader Version 5.9 with 05.11.07 I will be able to downgrade my boot loader to version 4.6 if I wanted to change the IMEI?

  • GeoHotz

    ur all trolls

  • Nenad SRB

    How come everybody is moaning at Geo and that UK dude? iPhone is a nice device but apple is the one making all the problems here,and we all agreed by purchasing their device to have a life of jailbreaking and unlocking and shit. And the Uk dude is just seling it to the people who dont know how to do it themselves which is not a bad thing. I understand the people that love apple phones,i know i do,that they are angry that their phones dont work but it is not Geos fault,he is just a boy genius,not obligated to do anything. At least you UK and US bastards can get a contract,There is a million and a half iPhone users all over the world that dont even get contracts in their country,how about that? I dont see them here trashing Geo and others. Why? Because we appreciate anyone who takes from their time to do something for us and no matter the motive,money or whatever. Geo fuck these idiots,if you make the break good,if no,not your fault,apple is just a fucked company in that way with their policy. I admire your work,personally i would like to see the look on everyones faces if you would announce that you wont work on iPhones no more. Then they would be telling a different story.

  • Mike

    So, will he hide the developments he makes? Will he not make a publicly available exploit/patch? Unless all of these are true, I have no reason to complain.

    In fact, I applaud his financial wisdom. Get 10k for doing something that (I’m sure) he’d eventually do, anyway? I really can’t see how anyone sees this as traitorous; someone offered him a lot of money to do something and he bit the bait. Honestly, I think you’re just pissed that someone didn’t hand you 10k and said, “Find a hole for me”.

    If anything, this whole situation is a double-edged sword; but a sword that will most definitely help us in the long run. Someone, it doesn’t matter if he’s a sheister or not, is willing to give a hacker 10k in order to unlock a baseband that is in a great many of phones. Do you not read teh Internets? How many things stay hidden online?

    Grow up and look at the bigger picture: we’re getting an unlock on bb 05.11.07.

  • Abraxa

    Everything boils down to the MONEY thing…. How far can you go not selling what makes you famous !