Sometimes when jailbreaking an iPhone or after installing a jailbreak app, your iPhone will get stuck on reboot, or will hang on the Apple logo. This problem happened to me before and it was kind of a nightmare. In order to get your iPhone back on track, you will have to put it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update mode). This will help you restore your iPhone without loading the OS first.

Putting you iPhone into DFU mode should be used as a last resort if your iPhone is either stuck on the Apple logo or keeps rebooting.

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.

2. Hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time for 10 seconds.

3. After exactly 10 seconds, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for 10 seconds or until iTunes pops up a message saying that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. At this point, click OK, then click “Restore” in iTunes.

Note that it often takes several attempts to get your iPhone in DFU mode.

Check out this video for a detailed explanation.

Thanks @CeciMartin for the inspiration.

  • Kim

    It would not work did not recogonise i tunes. think i totally broke it now.

  • yunz

    i said use recboot or tiny umbrella kick it out of recovery mode first. and try restart your computer sometime it works

  • Jason

    great tutorial. just wondering if it does end up hanging up on reboot after a jailbreak, do i need to start all over with the jailbreak from the beginning.

    • Most likely

      • Emily

        I have a question…my iPhone 3gs 4.0.2) is jailbroken/unlocked is stuck on the apple screen….however I have another issue…my laptop with my iTunes broke so there is no way to get on it…can I use someone elses laptop and log into my iTunes to try and fix my phone?? Please advise, I am full on panicing!!! Thank you very much 🙂

    • Appleguy

      No you don’t. Download redsn0w 0.9.9b1 (which you can also use for jailbreaking), click extras, click just boot, follow onscreen instructions for dfu mode, wait for reboot, open Safari, go to, install cydia, click yes when it prompts you to re-jailbreak. Done.

      More detailed description below in one of my other posts.

  • LA man

    You rule!

  • Ariia

    Will it work for the iPod touch 3.0 or just for iPhone?

    • Ariia

      In order to do it also, will you have to use the same computer that you used to make an account for iTunes and to sync your iDevice or can you use a different one ?

      • Appleguy

        I used a different one and it worked. So im guessing that you can use a different one.

    • Appleguy

      Works for ipod touch as well

  • Sam

    Okay so I jailbroke my iPhone 4 last night and it was messing up like none of the themes were working. So I restored everything today and updated everything and I went to re-jailbreak it and it said It is not supported on my device :/ I used someone help???

  • cheennee

    when i’m about to restore it, it will also update 🙁

  • Ace

    Man, you are a son of a ******
    I lost everything in my phone thanks to you
    You say it isn’t risked, you are lying

  • Ace

    Really, you are a son of a bitch
    Tell me, what the fuck did you do after you re little fucking nightmare?
    I lost everything in my fucking fone mother fucker

    • Hater1


    • budmoto

      get over yourself idiot – stop following other peoples advice blindly and figure it out for yourself…

  • Gavin

    The only problem with this is if it does get stuck on logo and you have to restore it can take a long time to update again depending on your connection. i have a 1mb connection which means it will possibly take upto 2hours to restore again. also give the guy a break ACE ! you dont have to do this to your phone ! and if your unsure what your doing DONT DO IT….simple.
    Good job with the explination Sebastien but it didnt work on my iphone 3g but i will try again once its restored and will update on how it went.

  • Elle

    I tried this. Twice. Both times it got stuck on “waiting for reboot”. For the second go around I even tried running the program in Windows XP compatibility mode as suggested in the forum. I ended up having to restore my phone to factory settings and then from a recent back up. Twice. I’m very disappointed; what else could I possibly try?

  • MJD

    Be patient do it over and over again. I have to do this about 8-10 times but it did finally work!! I have windows 7 with the newest version of Apple iTunes. Don’t give up keep trying!

  • MJD

    PS am I mistaken, but isn’t an erased iPhone better than no iPhone? Just download your apps again. A pain, I admit, but you saved your $400 phone! What are y’all complaining about?

  • shaun

    hi im trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 on 4.3.1 (8g4) when i follow the jailbreak instructions my phone just goes to the original state when you first purchase it then limera1n says it has completed however no jailbreak any ideas or will my os simply not jailbreak.

    • Appleguy

      you’re using limera1n, right? try using redsn0w 0.9.9b1, works better.

  • kylie

    iphone not working comes up with eror 1015..any help plz

  • Dauple

    Hi Guys, I have had the white apple hang before and have always been able to fix via the Itunes restore as well as tiny umbrella. Well I have a doosey this time. I can put in DFU mode, restore as new phone, and I can even jailbreak again with redsnow But no matter what I try it always hangs on the white apple! I used 91 pc suite also to try and correct white apple as it has a app in the program for this which has worked well in the past but no luck ………… The phone is recognized in ITUNES and with 91 PC suite and will even list all information about the phone.It even goes as far as telling me the color LOL. I was hoping some one here could help me out as I am at a loss on this one.
    Iphone 3g
    baseband 05.14.04
    version 4.2.1
    One last thing, I can open the system file folders in 91 pc suuite but not sure if that helps.

    Thanks in advance to all.

    • Appleguy

      That happened to me too. I jailbroke it with redsn0w and ended up getting stuck on apple logo. This is how I fixed it:
      I downloaded redsn0w 0.9.9b1 (on a mac, but I reckon it works the same on pc) and then opened it. After that I clicked on extras and then on just boot. After I got it into dfu mode (following the onscreen instructions), it found out the build and then booted up my ipod smoothly without it getting stuck. I then unplugged it, opened Safari on my ipod and went to the page Then I installed cydia from there, and when it prompted me if I want to re-jailbreak, I clicked yes. After that it worked smoothly without it getting stuck.

      Even though this is with an ipod 3g, it’s probably the same on iphone. This is done without loss of data or restoring. Hope it helps.

  • me

    This worked. Thanks. I had to manually open iTunes but it did work!

  • Oriol

    Thanks!! Worked!

  • sophia

    you are a life saver thank you

  • abdo

    Worked for me :))
    i’m running windows7
    did not go fine with redsn0w_0.9.9b4 (stuck in “waiting for reboot”) but it worked on the 0.9.6rc16 version !!!


  • Andy Yeap

    i love you dude!

  • Lindsey

    Everytime I download Redsn0w and then Cydia, everything goes smoothly until I go to download an app from Cydia and when it reboots it freezes on the apple screen! I have to go through the whole reset process again on iTunes. I’m giving up.

  • Mido

    I face this problem now
    But I want to know if I restored my iPhone via iTunes , my iPhone will still jailbreak or it will be unjailbreaken

    Need help

  • elena89

    hello everyone.
    My iPhone is unlocked and jailbroken with the 3.1 update.I bought it from england and got it unlocked so I can use has suffered quite a few falls and today I was on the Facebook application typing and it froze.I tried restart with the home and off button but it is stuck on the apple logo and the spinning wheel then flashes black and white and gets stuck again.I have the iPhone 3G 8 GB.I have all my content and apps and music on my iTunes so I won’t really be losing anything but I am a total idiot in this stuff and I don’t wanna pay a fortune taking it to be fixed.
    Can someone please tell me in full detail how to do it?I have windows 7.Thanks a lot!oh also will I be able to update to the newest software update?Thanks again!!!!


    Everyone, If sebastiens post does not work and you are still hanging at the white apple logo try checking the ribbon cables (the lcd screen) I had tried everything including sebastiens post and Finally swapped LCD screen with another and bingo. I have asked why this would cause the problem on several forums but have yet to get a answer. Hope it helps.

  • kico luki

    fuck you that’s not a solution when you’re jailbroken without shsh blobs…… this is fucking apples solution to everything o yeah just restore your phone… what about my 1209 photos that I only have 400-500 backed up in Itunes?

  • kico luki

    and anybody that doesn’t know that restoring phone fixes all the software related problems shouldn’t even be using the damn phone cause they are too stupid for technology

  • David Hemmingsen

    When this happen to me, i just lead my iPhone ran out of power. When i powered i up again, everything was good 😀

  • Having problems restoring it says error 3194 please please help! I have the iphone4

  • Having problems restoring it says error 3194 please please help! I have the iphone4

  • thanks bruther

  • i updated to the 5.0.1 custom ipsw on my 3Gs. the process was completed, ” your iphone has been restored, do not disconnect, will now restart.” it never did restart, its now stuck in DFU mode, screen in black. Please help me

  • vishal.minni

    best help ever…thanks man worked for me…

  • vishal.minni

    best reset instructions…browessed a lot…thsi is the best and easy restore for i phone..thx boss

  • I was wondering, if I were to update my iphone 4 now (January 26, 2012), what would be the baseband/firmware? will it be 4.11.08? I have an apple logo FREEZE also, and I cannot find any way to fix it, i’ve tried everything, rejailbreak, try to custom restore using redsnow, snowbreeze, you name it. My only option is to restore it by the factory settings (I don’t want it to update to a new firmware which i can’t unlock) and hope gevey sim comes out with an unlock soon.

    So back to the my question, will the baseband/firmware be 4.11.08 if i do restore? Please let me know. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I have tmobile btw.

  • Bricked my 4s two days ago and this method WOULD NOT work. Nothing would. It was so badly bricked, Apple couldn’t get it to respond and replaced it free.

  • what if the phone wont connect to itunes?

  • What if the phone wont connect to iTunes?

  • add me to all the rest…you’re a great guy for posting this so we can all benefit from your experience. Technology can be really simple when people step up and help just because they can…much appreciated!!
    My reset worked the first time!!

  • worked…!

  • how about Iphone 4s.

    • theapple99

      yes it works on all idevices

  • Please help….I have an iPhone 3G which refused coming up after it
    fell.The only time it comes up is when i plug it into AC power, it will
    show the apple logo for 7secs and go off again. I tried connecting it to
    itunes and the only time itunes recognize it is when i put it in DMU
    mode. I downloaded the iOS 4.2.1 and tried to restore the iPhone. each
    time i try, i get Error 1600/1601. Suggestive information will be
    appreciated. Thanks

  • jose

    thank you sooooooooo much

  • worked great! Thank

  • will that take the jail break off

    • theapple99

      yes if you restore your device it will erase everything included jailbreak

  • anita

    Hi, tried to put my iphone 4 in dfu mode, the phone is not coming on again, please help

  • when its shows error wat i have to do

  • chakri

    Ya it worked fine but now locked. Can u help me unlock.

  • Maicen Stølen

    If i jailbreak my iphone can i ever get it back to the normal “iphone” ?

    • theapple99


  • Thanks so much worked on my iPod its not jailbrocken but it was stuck on the apple logo and what ever I tried would not work but this did so thanks a lot 🙂