The long expected iPhone 3G S has finally been unveiled yesterday at Apple’s WWDC. While the list price is $199 to $299, it will actually cost you much more than that if you’re an existing AT&T customer willing to upgrade. But is it really worth it? Compared side by side with the current iPhone 3G, what extra features does the 3G S have that would be worth the fea extra hundred bucks?

Fellow blogger Clay put up a laundry list of features that will only be available on the iPhone 3G S. Let’s have a look at them and see if it’s really worth it:

  • Faster processor
  • Video recording
  • Better camera
  • Voice control
  • Increased memory
  • Digital compass
  • Better battery

That’s it? Yes, these are all the extra features the new iPhone 3G S will have compared to the 3G. That’s not much…

If you don’t have an iPhone yet, I think you shouldn’t think twice about buying the new iPhone 3G S. Sure you can get the 3G for $99, but I believe the extra $100-$200 is worth it.

However, if you currently own an iPhone 3G I really think these 7 extra features are not compelling enough to justify paying up to $699 for the 3G S. I pre-ordered the 3G S for $560.16 because I’m just an iPhone douche and I have to have the latest one. I blog about it everyday so what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t even have the latest iPhone? Besides, me and my fiance are going to be traveling for a year and I really need this extra storage, video recording and the better battery.

As a side note, I told my fiance I pre ordered the new iPhone for a lot of money. She didn’t even bother asking me how much I paid because I think she didn’t want to start a fight over a piece of electronics. Anyways…

Unless you’re an “iPhone power user”, there is no reason for you to upgrade and potentially get raped by AT&T. Now if like me you can’t live without the latest iPhone, pre-order now, or spend a few hours in line on June 19th.

  • antonioj

    Missed a big one: More RAM

  • I got it under “increased memory”

  • antonioj

    i think that´s 2 then 😉 storage and RAM

  • T-Will

    As a 1st Gen user, I don’t see a compelling reason to upgrade at this point. I wouldn’t mind a little more RAM and storage, but I can live with what I have for now. The other extra features appear useful, but not essential for my day to day usage.

  • vistauser

    I cant wait till the good folks from ifixit get their hands on the 3gs and take all its guts out. I hope Apple will increase the clock cycle to at least 460mhz on the 3g I dont mind sacrificing a little battery for performance. Anyhow im also predecting that in a few months 3g owners with the Apple Care Protection Plan will get a free upgeade to 3gs maybe by early nexy year. I wont be surprised if Apple just upgrades the parts on the current 3G and just call it a 3Gs it sounds far fetched but hey why else woul they leave the body the same. At least a matte covet or something. Anyhow its my prediction

  • Seven

    There is no increase in battery for 3g. It’s still 5 hours of use. So I think that the same battery is used they just found ways to extend it’s life. Mabey.

  • Seven

    And am also not sure if it’s a faster processor, only limited fictions will be running faster as per apple web site. So really nothing seems usefull on those added features except for the increase in memory. If we had a another phone we’ll be able to get the new 32gb micro sd and make the upgrade. And even replace the battery. And the new iPhone is also locked. Am getting a pre.

  • jed

    I’m also psyched about the integrated nike+ but I understand that probably only appeals to some of us.

  • Jose

    Wtf iPhone 3GS is the same look compare to iphone 3G. BIG disappointed! This is absolutely hardware upgrade, I rather to buy parts “if possible”, instead of buying he new iPhone.
    If you have a computer, you want to upgrade your memory and hard drive only. Are you stupid enough to buy a new one that’s no different with your current comp except a little extra memory and hard drive.

    Eg: Total parts cost: $50
    New comp cost: $199 to $299

  • Mmm.. taught question.
    Try to think with your self weather this features worth the few extra-box that you will have to pay for them..