iCar Remote is a new application that allows you to control your car directly from your iPhone. You can for example start/turn off the engine, roll up/down the windows and move forward and backward. See a demo in the video below.

No need to say that it’s a fake but I think it’s really well done.

  • neel

    so fake…u can see him switching…or trying 2 switch photos……

  • icaldela

    this is stupid….

  • I thought it was cool how he got everything to go perfectly with the movements he did on his iphone

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    Notify us when it’s done, so we could catch it in the AppStore

    Understand this clearly: I AM NOT REQUESTING THE EXACT DATE FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE APP!!! Simply an advisory to warn us when it’s done

    • ahhdo

      You already can u just need a special car plug

  • hany

    ok i have infiniti fx45 and i want to buy this app where could i get it from??? can i buy it from the internet i mean is it only a app or u have to get something to plug it into ur car and then it works i need an answer plz

  • mike

    um hi dumbasses who say they want this app THIS WAS A FAKE FUCKING VIDEO YOU DUMB FUCKS! SHIIIT! god damn people are ignorant these days!

  • yuyu

    i searched for it and there is no such thing

    • Sniper

      Me too and the only thing that came up was sams remote on icarly

  • danger

    this is fake ok

  • santosh

    Why the car seat are move back ward.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey guys.. notice … on the video..

    there is someone who is controlling the car .. its fake fake fake.. don’t believe it.. ……………….

  • pause at 0:28 where he does teh epik fail