tapartistTapArtist [iTunes Link] is a richly featured avatar/picture creator. You get a large library of premade items (hairs, noses, hats, etc) and you can mix and match them on stage. You can move, scale, and color individual components. You can check out what users are making with it (and have it submitted through the app itself) at www.tapartist.com/gallery. Users can download those shared pictures into TapArtist and then edit them. You can save the pictures for your contacts or email them to friends.

It’s a pretty fun app and worth a look for $1.99.

The developer gave us a few promo codes for our loyal readers. It’s gonna be first come first served, so hurry up! Being one of the first to learn about these promo codes giveaways is yet another reason to follow me on Twitter 🙂


Download_on_iTunes by you.

  • Tim

    “This code is only valid for costumers of the US store.”

  • iliana

    i just got the app, it’s pretty addicting! i’m making funny looking faces for all of my contacts.

  • Sorry Tim but you’re right, it’s only for US App Store…

  • Helmut

    TapArtist is sweet. I was able to create avatar images of my friends so their picture appears when they call my phone. Plus I have like almost Zero drawing ability, so it’s really helpful how there are all these standard shapes I can use. The interface took a little while to get the hang of, but now that I’ve created a couple images I can get around easy. Love the app; well worth the cost of a NYC subway ride!