A couple of days ago, I wrote about a simple hack to allow iPod Touch users to get Google Street View on the iTouch. The hack is very simple but it does require some file editing, which can be scary to some.

A new application available in Cydia just makes it easier for iPod Touch users to enable Street View. The app, called Street View Enabler, is free, and it seems to work perfectly. I don’t have an iPod Touch so I haven’t been able to verify this but Street View Enabler is getting good reviews everywhere in forums.

So if you have an iPod Touch, launch Cydia and look for Street View Enabler. Install it and you should be good to go. Be careful though! You have to install this on an iPod Touch with firmware 2.2. Installing it on an iPhone (which would be pointless) or an iTouch on 2.1 can cause problems.

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  • tilou009

    verry verry thanks for this new.I have an Ipod Touch and it’s perfect!!!!

  • VistaUser

    Works great, but in order for you to use it you have to enter an address then the streetview will work. You just cannot randomly search the MAP and use streetview. Otherwise works GREAT ! I wish they can come up with a hack for the 2G ipod touch. I own the 1G and usually do all my experimenting with it with Cydia. But Speedwise I like the 2g iPod. The streetview feaure works amazingly SMOOTH on the 1g iPod. So imagine how fast it would work on the 2G.

  • gelii
  • Sam Devey

    I want to get google street view on my iPod touch