We all know that gone are the days when people took pride flashing their Blackberry’s. The coolest gadget worth flaunting off is undoubtedly the iPhone. No one understands this better than the folks at Blackberry. In their quest of coming up with the best ever Blackberry model which can defy the iPhone, they have released the latest Blackberry Bold 9000.

The latest Blackberry model comes packed with WiFi, 3G, GPS functionalities. Am I fascinated? Hell No! These are like basic functions on the iPhone. Next, it has a larger screen than the previous Blackberry models. As an iPhone user you sure wouldn’t envy that. The keyboard on the Blackberry Bold is smarter and much more convenient. I would say “Whatever”. (Though I would like typing to be made easier on the iPhone, I am happy enough with the touch screen for now).

If these not-so-extraordinary features weren’t enough, Blackberry also comes packed with a bundle of complications. For instance: you need to manually scan through WiFi connections available nearby to get hooked to the net and also manually set up email. We all know how you can breeze through these activities on an iPhone within a matter of seconds. Moreover, the iPhone has a way better browser, a potential of being future gaming powerhouse and of course an impeccable music player. Now the strongest reason why people would steer clear of latest Blackberry: it costs $100 more than the iPhone 3G.

All this makes the verdict loud and clear: even the Best Blackberry can’t beat the Mighty iPhone 3G!

  • That is such a biased post! That’s ok because it’s an iPhone blog 😉
    But I have to say that BlackBerry (whatever model) is still a much better device for a business person. 2 things I could do with my BB Pearl? Copy/paste and saving files directly on my phone. Can the iPhone do that?? Of course not…

  • SU

    I came to this site due to the title of this article from a news aggregator and was disappointed in the complete and utter lack of information in this post. If you want to post a completely fluff review, at least compare similar products like the Blackberry Storm, a large screen device with a virtual keyboard. The Bold, like previous Blackberries, serves a very different purpose.

    Since others may end up at this link as well I’ll add a couple of points below, as I actually own and use both devices, and am in the process of deciding which to keep.

    – The iPhone currently doesn’t run multiple applications at once, although a long promised update will eventually resolve this massive oversight on both 2G and 3G iPhones. The hardware is more than capable of it and this is the sole reason keeping the iPhone is even a question for me.
    – Blackberries, like all other smart phones on the market, support a number of background friendly applications – instant messaging clients, rss/twitter updates, etc. This functionality is a game changer.

    -The iPhone offers vast array of entertainment options, and they are easy to use and reliable. For some reason Apple doesn’t support A2DP but that’s the sole strike as it bests every other device on the market here.
    – Blackberries, especially the newest ones, support a variety of entertainment options but they are generally clunky, require far more configuration and even if you get A2DP working you may experience quality issues. They’ve made improvements but can’t touch the iPhone.

    -The iPhone has debatable stability, depending on which OS version you use. If you don’t use Activesync/Exchange, it’s certainly good but once you add an Exchange server into the mix heavy users with large attachments and thousands of contacts/calendar appointments the iPhone becomes extremely unstable under 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.1. Hopefully the 2.2 update resolves this. If you jailbreak and manually increase your system partition you can extend the window of stability between restores, but you will need to fully restore weekly at a minimum, in my experience. I anticipate this is due to a swap space bug that only becomes an issue with heavy Exchange use. IMAP connections don’t appear to have the same effect.
    – Blackberries dominant in this category and are rock solid in terms of stability, especially when it comes to email. They are the tops in this category and as such are the device to beat. You can crash a Blackberry, but unless you’re using third party mail extension add-ins, mail will never ever crash. That being said, I’ve never been in love with the somewhat disjointed BB/Server sync but that’s nitpicky.

    Hopefully I’ve added a little value now to anyone else finding the article through a search. In a nutshell – if you are a heavy Exchange user, prior to 2.2 coming out go with the Blackberry Bold or older model. Assuming 2.2 fixes that issue, everyone else should go with an iPhone or Blackberry Storm. To make that decision, google a bit on sites like mobileburn, engadget, etc and read their detailed reviews of each device. I suspect the iPhone will continue to win out for a bit, especially if they can get multitasking working (since the core OS supports it).

  • Hello SU,

    Thank you for your comment. It is true that this post was not a deep comparison of both device. You definitely bring more meat to it.



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