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The best weather apps for iPad

Legend has it that weather apps are about as old as the App Store itself. Their popularity has always sprung from the simple fact that some people like their weather forecast to be scientific and precise to a T. Some like it punchy and condensed, while again others might just want it to be a visual treat. On iPad, it's much more than a matter of taste though, because whatever Apple's rationale, an in-house application for weather is still notably absent.

As a result of this choice, a number of third-party apps have become household names as weather surrogates on Apple's tablet. Even in 2018, some of the old-timers remain too cogent to overlook, but newer arrivals are starting to give the traditional go-to apps a run for their money. Thusly on merits of capabilities and originality, here are some of the best weather apps for iPad you can choose from today.

Watch live video and experience weather in real time with Yahoo’s updated Weather app

Apple hasn't been using Yahoo for weather data in its stock app since iOS 8, but I still keep Yahoo Weather on my iPhone. That's because to me, Yahoo Weather is the most beautifully designed and most comprehensive piece of weather software I've used on mobile thus far. Today, the failed Internet pioneer has pushed a nice little update to Yahoo Weather for iPhone and iPad, which now provides real time weather data along with live video of current weather conditions for select cities.

Yahoo Weather now includes customizable notifications for your favorite locations

Yahoo's excellent Weather app for the iPhone and iPad is among the best weather apps on our 2013 list. Today, the app has received a new feature allowing you to take advantage of notifications based on your favorite locations.

You can customize the new Daily Notifications and elect to receive them for specific locations and Yahoo will deliver your weather updates in the form of notifications twice per day - once in the morning to prepare for the coming day and once in the evening with the next day's weather...

Yahoo replaced by The Weather Channel for weather data in iOS 8

Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo was in talks with Apple over increasing its presence on the iPhone. The company wanted more of its content pre-loaded onto Apple's devices, and was after the default search spot in Safari.

But its quest to expand its reach in iOS isn't going so well. Apple released the first beta of iOS 8 to developers yesterday, and it's been discovered that the Weather app, which used to pull info from Yahoo, now uses data from The Weather Channel...

Yahoo updates Weather app with new animations, pull-to-refresh for photos and more

The reinvigorated Yahoo has updated its gorgeous Weather application for the iPhone and iPad, available free of charge in the App Store, with some noteworthy visual enhancements and feature improvements.

I've always absolutely loved how the app presents full-bleed photographs of chosen location(s), sourced from the Flickr community.

But, there was no way to browse through different photos of the same location. Starting today, you can now simply pull down on the image to load a new one, when possible. Another enhancements, straight from the design department: new animations for moon phases available as you scroll through details...

Yahoo Weather app updated with iPad support and more

Yahoo posted a significant update for its weather app this weekend, bringing the software to version 1.5. The update includes the ability to share the weather via Mail, Messages and social media, as well as iPad support.

That's right. Folks who really like the beautiful design, layout, and interactions of the iPhone Yahoo Weather app—things that made it one of the most popular weather apps of 2013—can now experience it on their tablet...

How to make Yahoo’s new weather app the default in iOS

Last month, Yahoo released a new weather app for iOS aptly named Yahoo! Weather. And its fit and finish actually surprised some people. Our very own Christian Zibreg said it's "the best-designed iOS app from Yahoo yet."

It's just too bad that you can't make the app the default weather application in iOS. Or can you? Actually, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called 'YahooWeatherisBetter,' you can make Yahoo's new weather app your default...

Yahoo’s new Weather iOS app looks terrific

I'm a huge sucker for awesome weather apps, so much that I'm afraid to even think about how much money I've put into these kinds of apps for my iThings.

Yahoo, as you know, supplies Apple with weather data for its stock iOS Weather app (in addition to Stocks and Siri data as well) and it was reported earlier this morning that the company will be launching a dedicated weather forecast software on the App Store.

You could imagine a weather buff like myself would be hanging on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Yahoo! Weather. Now that it's just hit the App Store, I can honestly say that this is the best-designed iOS app from Yahoo yet.

The elegant typography combined with the big, beautiful full-screen images (crowd-sourced via Flickr), the crisp weather pictograms and just the right amount of information make this my new favorite weather forecast app. Jump past the fold for a bunch of screenshots, you know you want to..