The best weight tracking apps for iPhone

Weight Tracking Apps for iPhone - Weigh In

Unless you have a smart scale with a companion app, you’ll need some extra effort for tracking your weight. If you use a weight loss app, there may be a built-in feature for keeping track. But not everybody has a smart scale or uses a weight loss app.

Plus, not everyone tracks their weight because they’re trying to lose it. You may be a mom-to-be who wants to make sure she’s gaining what she should during pregnancy. Or you might be underweight working on ways to gain weight for your health.

Whatever category you fall into, you’re here to find out the best iPhone apps for tracking your weight. And we have a great list for you!

How to add your symptoms to the Health app on iPhone

List of Symptoms in Health on iPhone

If you’re not feeling well or experiencing changes in your body, you now have an easy way to keep track of them. With the iOS 14 update, the Health app on iPhone lets you add symptoms.

For the most common symptoms from abdominal cramps to wheezing, you can add data and have it at your fingertips. This lets you accurately explain symptoms to your physician without forgetting a thing. Here, we’ll show you how to easily add your symptoms to Health on iPhone.

How to view the website Privacy Report in Safari

Safari Privacy Report iPad

When you’re browsing websites in Safari, do you ever wonder which of those sites have trackers, what those trackers are, and which other sites you visit have them? With attention to privacy on iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, you can now view these details with a tap.

Apple introduced an easy-to-access website Privacy Report in the updated Safari browser. And the details you’ll find in the Privacy Report are more informative than you might expect. Here, we’ll show you how to view the website Privacy Report and the information you’ll find.

How to track changes in Apple Pages on Mac

Pages Mac Comments and Changes Pane Connect

If you and your coworker are collaborating on a document in Pages, using the feature to track changes can be helpful. This will display the text from each person adding or changing the document in a different color. So, you can easily see who does what.

In addition, you can see comments, replies, and changes in a handy sidebar and accept or reject individual or all changes to the document. If you’re using this feature for the first time, we want to help. Here’s how to track changes in Pages on your Mac.

The best mileage tracking apps for iPhone

Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iPhone

If you need to keep track of your mileage for work or for your taxes, then there’s no better way to do it than with a mobile app. You know you’ll have your phone with you when you’re driving, so there’s no reason to keep a pen and paper in the glove box anymore.

These are the best mileage tracking apps for iPhone that let you log your miles automatically as you drive or manually if needed.