TiVo updates iOS app with AirPlay streaming of recorded content to Apple TV

TiVo on Tuesday refreshed its iOS app in the App Store with the ability to stream content to the Apple TV via AirPlay. The development marks a major U-degree turn for TiVo, which for a long time has deliberately blocked AirPlay to prevent users from streaming video content to Apple's $69 box.

With support for the AirPlay mirroring feature now official, users of TiVo's iOS app can use AirPlay to stream content recorded on a TiVo box using the iPhone and iPad application to a user's Apple TV.

The refreshed app with the new AirPlay functionality is rolling out later today.

TiVo launches new Roamio DVR devices with out-of-home iOS streaming

Tuesday, set-top box maker TiVo announced a lineup of digital video recorder (DVR) devices with support for out-of-home streaming to Apple's iPhone and iPad. The Roamio-branded gear comes packed to the gills with a range of popular streaming options, including Netflix.

TiVo praises Roamio's brand new web-based app experience and the integrated DIAL protocol for easy control of apps and streaming content from mobile devices. The built-in TiVo Stream lets you connect to your Roamio over Wi-Fi and stream recordings and cable channels to a limited number of devices. The out-of-home streaming for the iPhone and iPad is "coming very soon," TiVo said...